Friday favorites.

18 Oct

Better late than never, eh?  I’m taking a break from Friday night sermon writing [wahoo!] and Sherlock watching to bring you this week’s favorites.  It’s October wedding #3 tomorrow so the sermon must be written and prepared as there is a dance floor with my name on it tomorrow night.  [Adam: I hope it has your name on it too!]  Ready for favorites?

Dress your tech [aka your computer or tablet] with these pretty backgrounds.  [I chose the things are about to get really good one.  I hope so.]

I have a strange urge to make homemade applesauce.  Doesn’t that just sounds delicious?  Too bad I don’t want to core and peel that many apples.  However, if I did, chances are I’d follow the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  She’s my hero, rancher husband and all.

I want to make a pouf or two.

Here are 30 renter-friendly decor ideas.

Roasted butternut squash lasagna.  Yes, please.  Butternut has become my current favorite squash.  What’s yours?

Here’s my not-favorite Friday story.  Do you know what tragic thing happened today?  Do you know?  My coffee maker died.  DIED.  Just up and quit.  The nerve.  And so I had to buy another one but in my Friday morning desperation, I tried egg coffee.  Maybe I did it wrong but I have to say I’m not sold on the idea …

And to close, a quote:

We have to choose joy and keep choosing it.
[Henri Nouwen]

Choose joy this weekend.  Laters.

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