Three weddings and – thankfully – no funerals.

20 Oct

A summary of the October wedding extravaganza: three weekends, three weddings.

First, it was my seminary friend and roommate, jeanette.  She married Mr. Dan in the chapel at Luther Seminary.  The ceremony was wonderful; intimate and lovely.  I met someone that evening; she was actually in the wedding, standing up on Mr. Dan’s side.  Former Grace intern Erika and I had much to talk about; gnomes, cardigans, and all.

Next was my BFF from my years at Trinity in Stillwater.  Sara and I met while working in the CYF department there and we bonded over taking inflatable monkeys to camp.  Sara married Mr. Josh, a very tall gentleman who makes me laugh.  I officiated the ceremony which was outside at sunset.  Romantical.  Then, after the cake was served, I had an emotional breakdown.  But we won’t talk about that.

Last but not least was my college friend, Kara.  Kara married Mr. Clint who is kinda of crazy in a fun way and collects clocks.  They actually were married at the courthouse many weeks ago but invited family and friends to celebrate with dinner and a reception this past weekend.

Receiving a blessing for their marriage.

Receiving a blessing for their marriage.

Phew.  That’s a whole lot of love.  I think one of my favorite parts of my friends getting married is that I feel like I gain a new friend.  This month, I gained three.  Three stand-up guys who love my friends.  They’re all fun people and make my friends happy.  That’s lots to celebrate.

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