A dresser dress-up.

21 Oct

Remember this dresser I got for free from the church auction?

It now looks like this in my guest room –

First, I glued and clamped it back together.  There were lots of pieces that needed reconnecting and reenforcing.  Next, I stripped off the icky veneer that had begun to chip and peel from the top and the sides.  Some of the veneer got tricky; I couldn’t quite get it off with a putty knife.  I read some blogs about using water and the heat of an iron but I didn’t want to ruin an iron [or buy another one for this one purpose].  Then I remembered that I had a craft heat gun from my stamping days.  Worked like a charm to heat the glue under the veneer; it came right off.

Next there was some sanding and some painting.  A few new knobs and a trip into the guest room.  The only thing I’m missing are a couple of knobs for the bottom drawer.  I’d really like to find some funky doorknobs to use …  All in all, not bad for a free piece of furniture.  I like free.

2 Responses to “A dresser dress-up.”

  1. fillingupmycup October 21, 2013 at 10:26 am #

    Super adorable! Turned out so cute! I highly admire your craftiness-project skills. That takes a large dose of courage and spunk. Well done.

    • Lindsay October 21, 2013 at 4:58 pm #

      Aww, shucks. Thank you for those high compliments!

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