Jewelry advice from a Dorothy.

22 Oct

I quilted with the ladies yesterday morning at church.  I tied quilts for much of the morning with them.  Here’s a story:

I was tying next to Dorothy.  [I figure her identity is still protected because, well, there are many Dorothy’s.]  Now, first, you need to know that I’ve taken to wearing a very large ring on my index finger of my left hand.  I receive many compliments on it when I wear it but – truth be told – it’s really cheap and has turned my finger a bit colored from the metal.  I feel I’m committed now; I wear the ring to cover the color.  It’s a perpetual cycle.

I was wearing this ring while quilting and Dorothy pointed to it.  Is that one ring or many? she asked.  It’s actually three, I answered.  Next, she took her hand and touched my ring finger.  You really should have a ring to wear on that finger, she said.  *wink, wink*

How I wanted to reply: [sarcasm] Really?  Attending three weddings of three friends in the last three weeks hadn’t made me think about that at all!

How I actually replied: [giggle]  Yeah

Sigh.  The Dorothy meant well.  File this under the-odd-things-people-say-to-their-pastor-that-they’d-never-say-to-oh-their-doctor.

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