Merry new year. Here are three lists.

31 Dec

It’s New Years Eve and I’m blogging.  I’m blogging at my mom’s after eating Chinese with my sister.  Reruns of Modern Family play in the background.  Let me tell you – exciting stuff.

But the fortune from my cookie was pretty cool.  Check it:


Which leads me to – what I think are appropriate – a couple lists.

First, the highlights of 2013 list:

  1. Travel.  [Montana.  Alaska.  Madeline Island.  Chicago.]
  2. Summer day camp at ROG.
  3. Celebrating with three friends as they married men.
  4. DIY projects: a dresser, a lamp, a fabric mosaic, etc.
  5. Conquering an overnight kayak trip.
  6. Favorite new movie: The Way, Way Back
  7. Best reads: Divergent trilogy, YA novels by John Green
  8. First Call Theological retreat at Heartwood in a May snowstorm
  9. I-know-there-are-more-but-my-brain-is-having-a-hard-time
  10. right-now-so-I’m-going-to-stop-at-8.

Second, a plan for 2014 list:*

  1. Step on the soil of many countries.  [Or at least one.]
  2. Finish The West Wing and catch up on Doctor Who.
  3. Complete the Union Jack hexagon quilt.
  4. Visit three new state parks.
  5. Learn a new skill.
  6. Rediscover favorite [and new] games.
  7. Read The Happiness Project.  Discover what joy looks like.
  8. Recover dining room chairs.
  9. Keep blogging!
  10. I really, really want to meet my quilting idols at SewDown Minneapolis.  Maybe?  [It’s not open for registration yet but this is what a SewDown from the Modern Quilt Guild looks like in Portland.]

And third – why not? – the most popular blog posts of 2013 list:

  1. Thanksgiving Favorites.
  2. A Banana Wedding.
  3. A story of how I got left at the altar.
  4. $11
  5. A random Friday Favorites from February.
  6. Napkin cards: A tutorial
  7. It’s not going to be easy [a quote from Henri Nouwen]
  8. A memo to Batman.
  9. Another Friday Favorites from February.  This one features cousin Molly lip-synching.
  10. Hello from MT!

Happy New Year, friends!  May it be filled with joy.

* I never said they were grand or super exciting.

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