Joy in a rainy week.

24 Apr

It’s been a rainy and unproductive post-Easter week back at my ranch. One that kinda just makes me want to say, ‘ugh’ and go back to bed.  But still – in the midst of that – there is joy! Here it is:

I got to meet and hold and cuddle a Baby Bennett! My gnome friends in Owatonna had their fourth child last week. I do love babies. (And I love their oldest, my BFF, who hid my wallet because he wanted me to stay longer at their house. Aww, shucks.)

All this rain and gloom is no fun; HOWEVER, it does give me a reason to wear my bright yellow, a la rubber ducky, rain jacket! It also is helping the grass transform from brown to green so I guess it’s okay.

It’s day camp planning time!

I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and enjoyed it much. I recommend it!  [If you want the true Lindsay experience while viewing, you’ll have to pop corn kernels in coconut oil on the stove.  So delicious.]

I have listened to this song on repeat nearly every morning. I think its lyrics are my new mantra – how am I gonna be an optimist about this?

I have colleague group today.  What’s colleague group?  It’s a group of first call pastors in the southeastern synod.  We get together every month to share joys and challenges and encourage and support one another.  When I first came to ROG, I didn’t particularly like going but now, I wouldn’t miss it.  Because first call is considered the first three years of being a pastor, that means that today is my LAST colleague group.  [But the leader assures us that no one gets kicked out.  I can come back next fall if I want, even though I’ll be past the three year mark.]

I’m not entirely sure if this is all joy, or a mix of things, but I haven’t had to cook for, like, ever.  I had dinner at someone’s house for a church thing on Monday, dinner out Tuesday night and last night, and, due to presiding at a wedding here at ROG on Saturday, I have dinner covered both tomorrow night [groom’s supper] and Saturday [reception].  That’s a whole lot of not cooking and a whole lot of eating.  If I remain at home tonight, a bowl of cereal just might be the ticket.

So there.  There is my joy.  Where’s yours?

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