Let it be confirmed …

1 May

Let it be confirmed … I still don’t like sushi. I tried it for the second time and it is still a no-go in my book. Mr.Pepper Shaker is shocked that I don’t like it.


Let it be confirmed … My confirmation students remain awesome. (It’s been awhile since I’ve reminded you of that fact.) Last night was our last session for the year and it came after a long lent/Easter class hiatus. I asked them to share with me their favorite and not so favorite parts about the year. Favorites? Practically everything. Not so favorite? Homework. That’s it. And let it be known that I gave them homework ONCE and it was only if they didn’t finish their project during the class time. They are so great. I’ll miss them this summer!

Let it be confirmed … I’m feeling burned out. Now, compared to certain colleagues, I don’t even deserve to say that. However, we are approaching that 25-days-in-a-row of working. I just need a full day off. I’m dragging. Unable to motivate myself to go to work and get work done. And this weekend is synod assembly so both Friday and Saturday will be super full, long days. Next week. Next week appears to be my relief. The plan is to head home for a few days to say hello to my Edgertonians!

Let it be confirmed … I needed a new project to start. (That is complete sarcasm – the last thing I need is another project in the mix.) However, I decided that I needed some handwork to do while at the assembly/hanging in Rochester for the weekend. Enter Lindsay ironing and cutting fabric last night at 10:30 (when she should have been packing and doing laundry for her nights away) for a hexagon-ish table runner. Oy.

Let it be confirmed … I wish you all a happy weekend. Find some joy and then share it with someone else!

One Response to “Let it be confirmed …”

  1. Elder brother May 1, 2014 at 10:40 pm #

    Boo. Sushi is the best.

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