Fabric, fabric, fabric. Glorious fabric.

2 Nov

There has been a larger than normal appearance of fabric at the parsonage lately. And by appearance, I mean I bought it. On purpose. Because it was pretty.

Most of it does have a reason for making its way to my house. I received a large order of white yardage and various green fabric last week for the BBQ (boyfriend birthday quilt) whose top is nearly complete on the empty bedroom floor.


Then there is the chair fabric. As soon as the BBQ and a couple other baby quilts are done (One of which is on the design wall currently but I can’t show you because this baby’s mother is a blog reader and I’m not ready to reveal it yet, Amanda!), it will be reupholstery time. That wingback chair from goodwill will be getting a makeover. First I bought this fabric:


But then, upon seeing a better variety at SR Harris* on Saturday, I decided that wasn’t THE ONE. I went with this instead:


See? LOTS of fabric happening at the parsonage. Add to that purchasing fabric for another baby quilt for dear Sara and her first to be born in February (February? There are too many babies in my life I can’t keep track!) and I’m swimming in cotton beauty. And, of course, loving every second.

*SR Harris, you wonder? Sara and I stopped at their new location this past Saturday. It’s a fabric warehouse whose new locale is in Burnsville. Basically, designer print fabric at half off. With a whole lot of other fabric to dig through. Go there. It will be worth it. There is a whole aisle of polka dots!

Enough said.

One Response to “Fabric, fabric, fabric. Glorious fabric.”

  1. kari reilly November 2, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

    nice I love the gray and white for your chair..actually I love everything you make! Miss you. A. Kari

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