Baptism cuteness.

10 Nov

I know.

I know.

I have been so incredibly absent the last couple weeks. Life has been moving along at a steady pace, a pace that hasn’t allowed much space for blogging. There have been nights away for conferences, late nights quilting, trips to the cities, and a few other things thrown in the mix. I hope to update you on the happenings this week, post by post. But for today, for this afternoon, let’s start with a story from yesterday at worship.

It all started with the children’s sermon. On any Sunday when we have a baptism, the children’s sermon is centered around the baptismal font. We dip our hands in the water, say a prayer, give each other blessings. This Sunday, on Emmit’s day of baptism, his cousin was in worship. Noah is his name. (I should also mention that Emmit’s brother was there too. Walter. Walter is a great four year old. He tried to take over the children’s sermon a couple times. It’s a good thing I had a mic and he didn’t or I would have been old news real fast.)

Noah came up during the children’s sermon and we all dipped our fingers in the water. We blessed each other and then I told them to go back and bless someone else in the congregation. Boy, did that make Noah excited. He dipped his finger in the water so fast and tore off down the steps back to his family. Cutest thing ever.

THEN, Noah came up when his cousin Emmit was at the font to be baptized. At one point, I ask all the family and sponsors up front to make the sign of the cross on the baby’s forehead. Noah was all over it. What did he do? He dipped his finger in the water, like we had at the children’s sermon, and made the sign of the cross on his baby cousin’s forehead.

You practically had to mop me off the floor because it was so darn darling.

And that, my friends, is what church is about.

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