Confirmation Sunday Funday.

10 Nov

Hey. Did you hear? I confirmed my first batch of confirmands two Sundays ago. It was pretty awesome.


Because the four youth are awesome. Seriously. So awesome.

They started with me as seventh graders when I was a brand new pastor with no clue what she was doing. We figured it out together. We bonded in our unknowing and general confusion. And now they are confirmed. They created awesome projects, spoke their verses clearly, and had big smiles on their faces.

They also gave me a surprise. Turns out, the Saturday before the service, they all got together and galavanted around Austin, buying me flowers and putting together a picture board of our three and a half years together. They presented these things to me during worship that day, saying nice words and giving me hugs. For nice. Really for nice. See? That’s how awesome … and thoughtful … and fun they are. I will miss them on Wednesday nights.


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