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the three gnomes.

29 Jul
It’s a tale much like that of the deathly hallows – of an elder wand, a resurrection stone, and a cloak of invisibility.*  But this tale is one of three gnomes with three lessons for ministry.  These three gnomes magically appeared in the pulpit at my ordination, traveling long distances with Pastor Kendall as their guide.
Gnomes are certainly wise creatures despite the bad reputation they seem to gain.  [Something about stealing socks and pulling pranks from within the weeds.]  These gnomes are theologically wise, having much knowledge of ministry and how to be a non-anxious presence in pastoral care and other situations.  As they shared their perfect three tips at my ordination, so they wish to share with you.

The first gnome, on the left, with his finger to his lips, reminds us that to listen is golden.  In ministry – as in all important conversations and in every relationship – it is important to listen.  Listening, often more than talking, is why we have two ears and only one mouth; use them proportionately.  
The middle gnome, with his hands and arms in a gentle shrug, reminds us that no one has the answers.  Not I, not you.  Sometimes – likely more often than we do – it’s okay to say, “I don’t know.”  I don’t know why bad things happen.  I don’t know why there is so much pain in the world.  I don’t know where your other black sock went.  shrug.  I don’t know.  And that’s okay.  It’s honest and it’s true and sometimes it’s the best answer to say that you don’t have the answer.  
The gnome on the right, with hands in a prayerful grasp, seek to show us to pray first and speak after.  If you pray before speaking, the prayer is one of guidance and asking for God’s presence within a conversation.  But, if you pray after speaking, the prayer is one of seeking forgiveness and questions of “why did I just say that?!”  Pray first, speak later.  Pray first.
There we have it.  The three gnomes and the tales of wisdom they came to East Koshkonong to share.  Thanks to the three wise gnomes for their tips for ministry and the ways in which they share the life lessons they have learned.  And thanks to Pastor Kendall for bringing them to me and to live forever in my church office.  [Which they totally will.  They will live on a shelf, occasionally on my desk, and be a conversation piece for all who visit.  Major, major creativity points to KLS.  Awesome sermon to bring home the ordination.  Awesome.]

* Harry Potter reference.  Catch up, folks!

a happy wednesday.

27 Jul
For a day that started off with me sitting in the lounge at the toyota dealership and shelling out a couple hundred bucks for needed repairs on Sprocket, it turned into a happy wednesday.  Why the happiness?
I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie.  Cousin Colin and I went in fear.  In fear that we would cry a lot.  In fear that we would be so sad that it’s come to an end.  In the car ride to the theater, we both said more than once, “I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”  Ready or not, two weeks past release, we watched the Harry Potter saga end.  What did I think?  I’m still processing.
I received these in the mail today.  Quite honestly, they are more beautiful than I ever expected them to be. I love them.  I love them a lot.  [I’ve been crushing on these bowls from Anthropologie for well over a half year.  This set was bought as an ordination gift and shipped to me.]  I’m in love … with latte bowls.

I spent nearly an hour in phone conversation with a friend.  The reason for the call was not happy to begin but it was great to connect.  Miss her.
I received a reusable sandwich/snack bag from the Reilly clan [who are also behind the bowls!].  I’ve actually been meaning to sew a few of these – I think the idea of reusing baggies like this is genius.  Now I’ve received one that matches my lunchbox in theme – gnome.  The sandwich bag reminds me that gnomes also walk their dogs, have gardens, play trumpet, and may possess creepy teeth.
I drove back to Madison tonight to pick up my younger brother, Ben, from the airport which he arrived at via bus.  This is my brother who moved to Alaska a few months ago and is making an appearance at home for the auction this weekend.  He flew out of Anchorage and into MSP early this morning.  His first flight out to Madison was cancelled.  His rescheduled flight was cancelled.  Apparently, no other flights existed and so at 5pm – five hours after he was originally scheduled to arrive in Madison – he boarded a bus to get to Madison.  Poor guy.  But fun to see him and catch up!  [Did you know they don’t have thunderstorms in Alaska?  There’s your fun fact for Wednesday.  I had no idea.]  Right now it’s a shot in the dark but there might also be a bit of Alaska adventure for me in the next month.  You see Ben has a car here.  He wouldn’t mind having it in Alaska.  Enter Lindsay with a wide-open August.  I might take a tour through Canada to Alaska with my brother’s Subaru.  The idea has only just surfaced … but here’s hoping it might work!  [With maybe a stop in Havre, J&M?  According to google, it would only add two hours to the drive.  So worth it!]

a portapotty post.

26 Jul
It’s an I’m-just-not-sure-what-to-do-with-myself kind of day.  
I went to target to purchase note cards to mail off, but moped around the store for easily 45 minutes before actually checking out.  Then stopped at a quilt shop to see if I could find a quilt cleanser for these babies.  [I stopped at this quilt store a few weeks ago, looking for fabric for my red stole.  The woman who I spoke with today remembered me and asked me how my ordination was.  For nice!]  
A two-coffees kind of day.  A little obsessive over facebook day.
A spray painting wooden roosters day.  [Speaking of roosters, I died laughing at this blog post.]
I went to the jewelry center at the mall.  Gal pal, Kim, and her husband, together with her parents, bought me a Pandora bracelet for my ordination.  I found out there is a gnome charm.  Done.  [The woman who helped me asked if I collected gnomes.  Um … I guess so!]

And then I came home to find this in our yard.  Classy.  [We’re hosting an auction this weekend.  I promise a portapotty in the yard is not normal.]

I’m baking a cake in an attempt to make these tonight, as per request of a friend throwing a baby shower.  Wish me luck.  Mine likely will look nothing like the picture.  [But mine also won’t cost $48/dozen!]

But first, I think I might take a nap.  Sleep has not been my friend these last couple nights.  [After I put a second coat of paint on the roosters, of course.]

that kind of day.

30 Jun
It’s a I-miss-the-Cities-a-lot kind of sad day.
It’s a I’m-having-lunch-with-a-friend-in-Madison kind of happy day.
It’s a I’m-super-stoked-to-check-out-this-speciality-baking-shop-I-heard-about kind of excited day.  [Vanilla Bean // I’ll let you know how it is.  It opens at 9:30 and I’m currently two blocks away at a Starbucks.  I’ll wait a reasonable amount of time after they open; don’t want to seem too eager to explore their edible confetti and sanding sugars. *cough* crazy lady *cough*]
It’s a humidity-go-away kind of complaining day.  [aka a-big-hair kind of day.]
It’s a learn-to-protect-yourself kind of drill day.  [What if they come at you with a garden trowel?  Steal your socks?  Climb in your window?  What will you do?  Not all gnomes are as kind as Dawson gnomes.]
It’s a I-have-nothing-on-my-calendar-until-July-10th kind of whining day.  [which leads to a I’m-going-crazy kind of day]
It’s a I-really-really-really-miss-my-seminary-friends kind of sad day.
It’s a I’ll-think-about-getting-my-oil-changed-but-won’t-actually-do-it kind of procrastination day.
What kind of day are you having?

moving again.

1 Jun

Moving.  The story of my life.

I’m taking a packing break.  My room is nearly empty, yet still amazingly messy.  My collection of kitchen goods have been packed up and sent home.  Things of mine still hang on the living room wall, but I fear they may not actually fit in my car.  The car is already nearly filled to the brim, and there’s still more.  If this quart ziploc bag filled with fridge magnets is any indication or if it is in any way proportionate to my other belongings, I have too much stuff.  Ugh.  [Like my “chillin’ with my gnomies” magnet?  I have two – orange and blue.  Favorites.]

I went out with friends last night.  For the last time.  Because I move today.  Today.  There was clinking of glasses, laughing, and hugs galore.  As I said goodbye to each friend, I couldn’t quite do it without a “See you soon!” attached.  And actually, with lots of my friends, that is the case.  I’ll be back to Luther in a few weeks for a friend’s ordination on campus [and to take home the rest of my things].  Joel, Melissa, and I have plans for a Noah’s Ark day [Noah’s Ark.  America’s largest waterpark.  WI Dells.], coupled maybe with a sleepover at the cabin.  There are other ordinations, the Cities are close, and roadtrips to friends’ new places.
But be warned, faithful blog reader.  As I return to live at home, the blog always seems to suffer.  Wireless internet in our house we have not, and to blog on our home desktop is not convenient.  [#macsnobbery]  Stay patiently tuned for my summer adventures in completing the to-do lists my mom gives me, macaron attempts, and party planning for Emma’s graduation but likely not everyday updates.  Thanks for sticking with me, friend.


28 May
I graduate tomorrow.

I sit at a hotel in Roseville, staying with my mom and sister since my bed is already packed into the back of my mom’s suv.  Three grandparents and an aunt are also here, and we await an aunt, uncle, and two cousins tomorrow morning.

I’ve talked about it before, ad nauseam.  But now it’s so close – within twenty four hours – that I’m really just not sure.  The emotion of graduating, leaving friends, moving home; it’s too much to articulate!  [glass case of emotion!]

One emotion I can articulate – nervous!  I’m not even speaking [as my rapping friend, Joel, is] but I do need to walk across a stage and lean down to be hooded.  [so not a big deal really but I’ll make it into a big deal]  Smile pretty for pictures.  Hug people.  Say goodbye?!

And then it will be over.  My family leaves for home tomorrow night; what my celebration will look like is questionable.  I’m not quite sure what  I’ll do with myself when the hype of the day is complete.

Even the gnomes are being worn by all this transition.  Just look at them –


why not.

27 May
A cute photo of a baby in a gnome costume and a thank you to my readers today!  It’s official – the month of May has been the month with the most blog reads here at there’s no place like gnome.  And the month isn’t even over yet!  Thanks for tuning in and validating my rambling by reading!  

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Borg goes to AZ.

27 Feb
I’ve been absent for a while.

No worries.

I’ve been to AZ and back.  And ready to tell you all about it.

To share my trip with you, I thought I would tell you the tale through my gnome friend, Borg.

Caribou at the Denver airport while on layover.
Pre-turbulence/nearly make me sick flight.
Uh oh.  A visit to the Rawhide Western town.

Settlers Cities and Knights while visiting Deb and baby Isabelle in Tuscon.
Cacti in Tuscon.
Look, Minnesota!  We saw snow too, alongside the red rocks of Sedona.
A little Carc in the airport as we await our return flight.

where for art thou Gnomeo?

13 Feb
In the course of the last month, I bet I’ve had at least a dozen people email me, post on my facebook, text me, or tell me in person about Gnomeo and Juliet, the animated movie that was released this past weekend to theaters.  I complain not, but just find it humorous how gnomes and Lindsay are forever connected.  I walked out of church today with Mark, the “dad” of my Stillwater family, and he asked if I saw the movie this weekend.  I said I did, gave him my one sentence review, and then he kinda laughed and told me I was doomed to have people connect me with gnomes for the rest of my life.
That’s probably a true story … but not a bad story.  Much of it is probably of my own doing.  (Um, this blog title?  Consistent visits to gnome park last year?  I was in a town where most were so accustomed to the gnomes that when I talked about them, I was laughed at and stuck out.)  My fault.  And that’s okay.
I saw Gnomeo and Juliet on Friday.  Opening night.  In 3D.  (I hate 3D, mainly because it’s more expensive and it can make me a tad sick to the stomach. I didn’t catch that detail when looking at movie times.  Why is everything coming out in 3D now?  urg.)  Three friends and I trekked to the theater and joined families, teenagers, and few-to-no people our own age for a tragic gnome love story.  I’ll be honest – I thought the first fifteen minutes or so weren’t so great.  But then the pink lawn flamingo showed up, a Banana computer, and funny little bunnies hopping all over the place made me laugh.  Probably not as funny as I had hoped, but the cute factor was consistently high.  I give the movie four gnome hats.  (Out of a possible five.  All with a slight bend in them, of course.)
Three favorite things from the movie experience: First, whenever gnomes touched, it made the clinky sound of ceramic hitting ceramic.  Giggle.  Second, the little girl behind us who kept saying, “They kissed!” over and over after Gnomeo and Juliet smooched.  Third, I would not be lying if I said I brought my red gnome hat to the theater.  I would, however, be lying if I said I wore it for longer than three seconds.  (Just long enough to prove to my friends – and those who sat in the immediate area around us – that I do, in fact, have a gnome hat.  Also proven here and here.)

gnome love.

18 Jan

Looking for a date or two to go see this movie.  Let me know if you’re available opening night.

[I’m so serious.]

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