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28 Oct
I got my hair cut yesterday.  Six weeks had passed since the last cut and my head was showing it.  It was time for a trim, a little boost.  With Brent.  And I am so smitten by him.  Again.
I am smitten by my gay hair stylist.  I love how he cuts my hair and gives me tips to manage my curls.  (He told me that with my hair type, I should only be washing my hair every third day.  Ew?  On other days, just rinse and condition.  We’ll see about that …)  I like how when he dries my hair after washing, he make a conscious effort to dry the inside of my ears with the towel.  (Creepy?  Possibly.)
We also talked about his dad.  The last (which was the first) time I saw Brent for a haircut, he told me he was jetting home to Arkansas that night to be with his family as his dad underwent heart surgery.  All is well.  Recovery is happening in wonderful ways.
While I’m smitten with him, I’m not smitten with the cost.  He told me – as he helped me put on my coat – that he had his review last month and has moved to the next level of stylist, which means his price increases.  Now, my next haircut with Brent in the big city will cost nearly as much as THREE (also awesome) haircuts at the Aveda salon in Montevideo, where I got my hair cut while on internship.  eek.

you. (me too.)

26 Oct
The process goes like this – I interviewed for approval with two faculty members of Luther Seminary, one being my advisor.  From there, they write a statement, either recommending the candidate or not, and bring it to a small group of faculty.  Once the small group approves it, my name is on a list of all approval candidates and will be voted on by the entire faculty.  … yea … complicated.  (necessary?  well.  not my call.)
Where am I going?  Here.  I received an email from my advisor today with the statement of my approval which will be presented to the small group of faculty.  Despite spelling my name incorrectly – I’m forever a Lindsey – it feels wonderful to read the things that were written.  I feel that they have an accurate sense of my call to ministry and gifts, including, “Lindsey takes great joy in how justification by grace alone make us children of God.  This doctrine opens up to her the love of God she hopes to share with others in and through her ministry.”  (That’s how it currently reads.  After a follow-up email, it will hopefully begin with “Lindsay.”)
I read the statement written about me for approval – specifically focusing on those two sentences I shared above – and then I found this photo on another blog.  It fits.  Believe it for yourself and those around you.

Believe it, originally uploaded by silent sequoias.

1.21 gigawatts.

25 Oct
“What the hell is a gigawatt?”
It was on this day, twenty five years ago, that Marty McFly went back in time to the red letter date in history of November 5, 1955.  October 25, 1985.  Thus began the back and forth journeys of Doc Brown and Marty, making up the Back to the Future trilogy.
Now, if you were unaware, Back to the Future is my favorite movie.  If anyone asks what my favorite film is, there is no hesitation.  There’s no list of two or five that share the first place spot.  Back to the Future.  Hands down.  Favorite.
Sometimes people ask me why it’s my favorite.  It is kind of an odd choice of favorite movie, not shared with many others.  Back to the Future is a movie I grew up watching.  Remember when McDonald’s sold movies – just a few choices at a time – with the purchase of a meal or something?  I think we bought the Back to the Future vhs in a McDonald’s deal for $5.  I remember watching it as a family, specifically with my dad.  He loved the movie and I grew up watching it with him, asking questions about how the pieces all fit together, and quoting parts of the movie.  We used to quote and act out scenes in the tobacco strip house with my cousins, Mike and Kyle.  (I can still picture Mike using a tobacco lathe as his guitar, doing his impression of Marty McFly’s guitar solo at the 1955 Enchantment Under the Sea mating ritual.)  As I grew older and watched the movies more, I loved how they all fit together.  I loved watching it one more time and finding another similarity or something that answered a question from the movie prior.  
It’s a special day – a heavy day, if you will.  (“Weight has nothing to do with it.”)  The AMC theater is playing Back to the Future tonight at 7pm … but I have class.  What may be my one chance to see my favorite movie on the big screen is being trumped by a class on youth culture.  Tonight, we’re talking about body modification … ick.  I guess I’ll drink my Pepsi free in class instead of at the theater watching the digitally remastered classic.  (“If you’re going to have a Pepsi, son, you’re gonna have to pay for it.”) And maybe I’ll wear my brown “life preserver” as tribute to Marty’s red one.  (“Dork thinks he’s gonna drown.”)  And eat peanut brittle from a bowl like George.  Yes.  This will work.

(I don’t actually like peanut brittle.  This won’t work.  I still wish I were at the theater.)

run for the apples (2).

25 Oct
… can you spot my left side?  The rest of me is missing.
Some group photos from the run, posted on (and then admittedly stolen from) a fellow student’s blog!

run for the apples.

23 Oct
As I talked to a classmate at lunch yesterday, we were discussing our weekend plans and I mentioned I was doing a five mile run/walk.  (Remember?  The one I thought was a 5k and not five miles …) He asked, “For the apples?”  That’s actually what it’s called – Run for the Apples.  It takes place at an apple orchard in White Bear Lake and, as Nick said yesterday, it kinda sounds like a benefit.  Run for the apples.  They need you.  Save the apples.  Do it for the apples.  Nick had bought an apple in the caf line; he held it up and inspired me by saying, “Run for this guy.”  
With that encouragement, I ran for the apples.  Well.  I ran and then I walked.  I walked and I ran.  I am in no way fit enough to run a solid five miles but I think I did pretty well.  Five miles in one hour and thirteen minutes.  I’ll take it.  To most runners, not so great a time.  Was I the last of the Luther Seminary crew to cross the finish line?  Yes.  But I’m okay with that.  A year ago, I never would have signed up or thought I could run any of it.  I’ll take my completion time and be proud of finishing. 
My run/walk buddy for most of the race.  At times ahead, at times behind, we finished together.  I never would have signed up if I didn’t have a buddy with whom to do it!
The campus nurse/wellness director encouraged students to sign up to do the race by giving us a free tshirt and paying half of our registration fee.  There were a good fifteen of us who took advantage of the hook and did the race sporting our Luther Seminary “Healthy Leaders” tshirts.  The group of sem students were great to cheer everyone on as the finished.  Cheering me on at the finish line was also a surprise spectator from Dawson!  Long story short, Stacy – whose now fourth-grade son, J., is one I would speak about often in previous posts – was there with her sister, Carrie (who was signing autographs because she is an Olympic runner), and Stacy just happened to be at the finish line as I crossed it.  (phew.  Got that?)  Stacy and I both only had a bit of time to chat – but she said she’d be sure to tell Kendall back at Grace that she saw me finish! 

the rogue rotary cutter.

23 Oct
I’m typically a pretty safe and lucky person when it comes to injuries.  (knock on wood)  With the exception of the minor sprained wrist a few summers ago and the popped knee-cap of ’01 and ’05 (Same knee-cap, two experiences of seeing it popped off to the side.  Once while on a bus and once while sitting on a bed.  Two amazingly lame injury stories if you ever want to hear them.), I have a pretty clean slate.  And the current injury is not serious in the least; it’s due to a rogue inanimate object – my rotary cutter.  Let this be a word of caution to you all … they bite.
I was cutting fabric to complete a case for my kindle and somehow, in moving this piece or that, my rotary cutter took a spill off the craft table and landed blade-down on my middle toe.  Masses of blood later, I’m fine.  No worries.  No stitches. (Once I was able to maneuver some paper towel between my other toes to cover the middle one, I was able keep working with momentary pauses to switch out the paper towel for new ones.)  I think it’s a good story.  And a good reason to shake my angry fist at the cutting tool and exercise greater caution in further cutting excursions.  (You should know I quilted/cut fabric last night injury-free. That’s not to say I wasn’t a little nervous and retracted my blade more than I ever had before the cutter went rogue …)
injured toe.  completed kindle case.

be thankful on paper.

21 Oct
Take Joey from Friends for example.  After asked what he is thankful for, he said, “I am thankful for this beautiful fall weather we’ve been having.  The other day, I was at the bus stop and a fall wind blew this one chick’s skirt right up.  [pause]  Which reminds me – I’m also thankful for thongs.”  (I sat down to write this post and by happenstance it was that episode of Friends that was on my television.  It begged for inclusion.)

Sometimes we focus more on the negative than we do on the blessings and people for which we should be thankful.  (Guilty as charged.)  Rachel, over on No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane, is proposing a snail mail campaign in the month of November – hand-written notes of thankfulness.  Not only is the being thankful a bit counter-cultural, but let’s write a pretty note, address the envelope, and put the stamped thank you in the mail.  Not an email.  Not a facebook message.  A thank you that arrives in the mailbox.

Here’s what will happen: Each Wednesday of November, I’ll send a hand-written note to someone in my life for whom I am thankful, telling that someone why I consider them a blessing in my life.  That next day, I’ll write a simple blog post about that note of thanks and the person to whom I wrote.
Along with other bloggers I know only through text and not by face, my Dancing Banana (translation: high school) friend, Jenni, is joining in on the thankfulness.  Read about the people she thanks for being in her life here beginning in November.  Have a blog and want to join in?  Visit Rachel’s blog linked above for further direction.  Don’t have a blog?  You can send snail mail thank you notes too.   Be thankful on paper this Thanksgiving!

Hello world!

21 Oct

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

{ pick my own pumpkin. carve. light. }

20 Oct
Reading days mark the middle of the semester.  Two days with no classes in which to complete midterms and catch up on reading.  Have I done either of these between yesterday or today?  Nope.  But I did manage to check one more thing off my fall to-do list!

Two friends and I decided, instead of that homework-thing, to eat soup, carve pumpkins, and roast seeds.  I picked my own pumpkin … from the large cardboard box at Cub.  We carved.  We lit.  We had a lot of fun getting our hands goopy and gross and scooping seeds.  We made trail mix from the roasted seeds and ate pumpkin cheesecake pots.  A good time was had by all. 

Intended to be a silly/scary picture, it really just became an open mouth picture …

My pumpkin has a heart on its sleeve … er, head?
{ get lost in a corn maze }
{ bake a pie }
{ prepare a pot of chili, beer bread, invite friends over to enjoy }
{ step on the crunchy leaves }
{ sew a baby quilt }
{ homemade pizza on the pizza stone }
{ attend a wine tasting }
{ make and share these }
{ 10k training – the hiatus is over – it’s back on }
{ find a fall festival }
{ cabin weekend. a hike to the fire tower }
{ scarves.  puffy vests.  boots. }
{ read a for-fun book }
{ cheer on the twins from target field }
{ take a stroll around a lake } 
{ pick my own pumpkin.  carve.  light. }

a baby cousin.

18 Oct

I was finally able to meet Drew and Logan’s baby sister, Kennedy, while I was home.  (She’s the new cousin I made this pink quilt for just a few short weeks ago.)  I love new babies.  She’s oh for cute.

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