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30 Apr
As I sip my smoothie for dinner [yeah.  it’s late.  but when you don’t go anywhere all day and have nothing to keep you on schedule, meals are all out of whack.], I scroll my way through Pinterest.  I’ve been abandoning the site as of late, being more focused on schoolwork and busy with other running about.  *pets computer screen*  I’ve missed you, old friend.

First, know this –

If I ever get married, I want the reception that follows to be in a barn.  *sigh*  Please?

This [baked brie in a bread bowl] looks delicious and perfect to make for another dinner party.  Or living room dance party?


And lastly, need a place for garbage in your car?  Use a cereal container.  [flippin’ genius.]

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

lindsay day.

30 Apr
I love days like this.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had one and it will probably be awhile until I have one again.  A Lindsay day.
I learned to appreciate Saturdays like this while on internship.  Days where I’m expected to be no where or do anything.  [I was to spend time with M. tonight, babysitting, but unfortunately there is sickness in their house so playdate will have to be postponed.  Playing with M. would have been a great capstone to a Lindsay day.]  Days where I can play catch-up on enjoyable things.  Now that the thesis is done, I am fully taking advantage of such a day.  [Is there more homework I should be doing?  Oh my goodness, yes … but it can wait.]
I went to bed late last night [actually fell asleep while watching Modern Family right around 2am.  woke up at 3am to turn off Modern Family.] and slept in late this morning [late for lindsay = 9am], an easy task considering the rain and gloom outside.  [which, sidenote, I really enjoy.  I turned on my bedside lamp to write a few thank you notes but otherwise, no lights on in this apartment.  I like the dark.]  I caught up on my tv viewing, watching more Modern Family and last week’s Glee.  Old fashioned oatmeal and coffee.  
I’m cleaning the coffee maker using Martha’s technique and giving the kitchen a thorough cleaning.  Spending time in my crafting corner and blasting the ipod.  I’ll go to the gym and read my kindle.  Seriously considered an outing to the Minnesota History Center for the George Washington exhibit, but I think I’ll wait for a Tuesday night when admission is free.  I’ll probably tidy up my bedroom, craft some more, and watch a movie.  It’s a deep breath before the storm that will be the month of May.  
Good day, Lindsay.  Good day.


29 Apr
After a continuous six hours in the library today [I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time in the library, let alone any time on a Friday afternoon] and faithful editing by friends [seriously.  huge thanks and hugs to justin, sara, and kay!], the thesis is done, done, and done. [until I have to defend it in a week.]

Jonathan, CYFer and iPhone stealer, and I spent much of the afternoon visiting each other’s study carrels with last minute questions and yelling across the reference room as we frantically steadily worked on the final touches [including the necessary two page appendix I seemed to forget about until a friend reminded me this morning].  We both turned our papers in at 5pm on the dot, photographed the auspicious occasion, and gave each other high fives.

Done and done.

arbitrary facts.

27 Apr
Arbitrary fact #1 : I put way too much spinach in my lunch-time smoothie today.  It was a horrid green and I was almost embarrassed to carry it around.
Arbitrary fact #2 : Rough draft of my thesis completed.  Emailed to potential editors.  Knowing that there are people reading my paper makes me extremely nervous.  At least they’re not reading it in front of me; that’s just cause for complete jitters.
Arbitrary fact #3 : Even though my refrigerator is well stocked with groceries purchased yesterday, Cassie and I went out for dinner after an afternoon at the library.  Punch Pizza, you are delicious.  [Arbitrary fact #3b : Punch Pizza cooks their pizzas for 90 seconds at 800 degrees.  Boom.]
Arbitrary fact #4 : The television in my living room hates me and ABC would not work to watch Modern Family.  
Arbitrary fact #5 : I started The Hunger Games officially today during a few miles at the gym.  I do fear I’m hooked.
Arbitrary fact #6 : I blogged here yesterday but I don’t think I ever told you.
Arbitrary fact #7 : My iPhone was secretly taken from me today by a “friend” who found it funny.  Someday I’ll teach him for stealing from a Stolen.  I didn’t stay angry for too long because then he quoted this –
No one ever quotes that part of Wayne’s World except my brothers and I.  And apparently jD.  We’re meant to be friends forever.
Arbitrary fact #8 : After at least a month of sewing-less days, I plan on returning to the machine this weekend.  Perhaps to tackle this.  As much as I’m addicted to cardigans, I’m also addicted to bags …
Arbitrary fact #9 : My friend, Sarah, wore a cardigan today.  She said it was new, and then she said, “Guess who I thought of when I was buying it?”  Aww, moi.
Arbitrary fact #10 : I had coffee with Joel and Melissa at Borders last night.  [Rainy day = coffee in a bookstore perfection]  I bought a macaron book.  I’ve never ate one before; I hope they’re good.  If anything, they’re pretty.
Arbitrary fact #11 : Bears eat beets.  Bears.  Beets.  Battlestar Galactica.

You’ve read mine.  Now please share with me at least one arbitrary fact from your day.
Ready?  Go.

easter crafting.

26 Apr
Easter is my favorite holiday and has been since I was younger.  As a middle schooler, I threw Easter parties.  [I looked for many excuses to throw parties.  Halloween parties, camp-outs, Easter parties – all with designated projects, crafts, and invitations.  Looking back, that explains a lot about where I’m at now in regards to my party-throwing beliefs.]  We pinned the tail on the Easter bunny, went on egg hunts, and had themed food and prizes.  [I was a weird kid.  Weird.]
I’m all about egg-shaped fun.  This year, I tackled homemade kinder eggs with two different groups of friends.  Kinder eggs, you wonder?  You can purchase kinder eggs in Europe.  I first was introduced to them as a sophomore in high school when I journeyed to Spain for two weeks.  Hollow chocolate eggs – a layer of milk chocolate and one of white chocolate – wrapped in foil with a toy inside.  We were obsessed with these in Spain – OBSESSED.  When I found a website with directions to make your own kinder eggs inside of a real egg shell, I was totally on board.

It was really fun to do and to watch others make these.  You scoop melted chocolate into the hollowed and sterilized egg shell and then shake the shell, move it around, and peer inside to see that the chocolate coats around the entire shell.  We were all so quiet as we did it as we concentrated so hard!  I traveled home for break and repeated the chocolate craft with friends from high school, including this little guy, Ryan.  He liked to stuff the chocolate eggs with two m&ms and then eat one.  Two m&ms and then eat one.  Two m&ms and then eat five.  He was sent home quite full of sugar!
There were also cakepops to be made while I was home.  My cousins always wonder when we’ll make them and they want to do it every time I’m home.  Sam [seventh grader?  eighth grader?  I can’t keep track.] and I had this text exchange in regards to cakepop making –
“O my gosh lindsay.”  I love it.  We tackled chicks, easter eggs, and did a test run of the graduation cap cakepops.  It was a busy, messy, and fun night with nearly everyone pitching to help, or at least pitching in to eat a few.
Molly made an easter bunny and crazy alien with a mohawk dude.

Logan’s double fisting it with funfetti chicks.

everybody loves –

26 Apr
Here’s a longer than necessary story with no point:
My brother’s girlfriend came to stay with us over the Easter weekend.  I’d met her before, as she’s a student at the U of M and my brother comes this way to visit frequently.  [her, not me.  he’s never visited me specifically.  hmm.]  We weren’t sure she was coming until the day she arrived [my brother could work on his communication skills] and then we realized we had to think about Easter baskets [yes, my lovely mother still gives us an Easter basket].  We needed one for Kim.  Off to Target I went.  And to a home store to purchase paint primer for my mom.  And then, as it turned out, off to the Red Robin restaurant down the street to meet my sister.
Let me explain.  My sister was in Janesville having supper with her friends.  Her car began making a funny noise and she wasn’t sure if she should continue to drive it or what was going on.  She called my mom at home who told her that I happened to be in the same city [about 20 minutes from our house] running errands.  My mom told Emma to text me to see if I could stop by to look at the car.
To look at it?  I literally laughed at my sister when she told me that.  What the heck do I know about cars?
Well, I did know enough to look in the front wheel well and see a large metal spring of sorts rubbing on the tire.  I knew that wasn’t normal.  And then I knew enough to call my uncle.  Yeah, you probably shouldn’t drive it home, the uncle said.  Call Farm and Fleet, he suggested.  [Farm and Fleet, not Fleet Farm, is what it’s called in our neck of the woods. They have delicious orange slice candies and were conveniently located across the street.]  I call.  We drive there.  We ditch Emma’s car for the experts to learn more about this mysterious metal spring [turned out to be a strut.  strut, spring.  same diff.] and my sister and her four friends piled in my car.  [Do the math.  My car seats five.  It was illegal, but what more were we to do?  Right.  Call someone else to come to Janesville to pick them up.  But we didn’t do that.]
I was telling my sister about what I bought for Kim’s Easter basket.  I listed off a few items and then I said, “And glow sticks because who doesn’t love glow sticks?”  [I always have a stockpile of Target’s dollar bin glow bracelets in my office at church.  You never know!]
A friend from the backseat, “Glue sticks?”
I say, “Glow sticks.  Everybody loves glow sticks.”
The friend repeats, “Glue sticks?  Everybody loves glue sticks?”
I’m confused.  Why is she repeating everything I say?  In my head, in the translation and travel from back seat to front, I still hear glow sticks.  What’s the confusion and what’s with all this repeating?
It takes me a minute.  [long pause]  “Did you say glow sticks?”
The friend says, “No.  GLUE sticks.”
Oh.  Now I understand the confusion.  Emma’s friends now think I’m weirder than I already am because I think that everybody loves glue sticks and I buy them to put in my brother’s girlfriend’s Easter basket.
“Ha.  I said glow sticks.  Like glow bracelets.  Everybody loves them.”
Confusion is cleared.  The friends in the backseat agree.  Glow sticks are pretty cool.  Kim agreed too.  She loved them in her Easter basket.
[under my breath]
“But I do love a good adhesive.”

Things that distract.

25 Apr
After listening to the thesis song approximately forty-seven times and engraining it in my brain, my thesis is in a pretty good place.  I’m pretty confident about the pages written and what is left to do.  The problem is that I don’t move forward.  It’s due on Friday but I keep finding distractions.  I give myself obstacles.  If I’m going to do this thing, I might as well make it hard for myself, right?  [Like the Warrior Dash.  If you’re going to run three miles, might as well make it more of a challenge.  I secretly kinda want to do it.]
Obstacles like buying the first season of Modern Family on dvd.  It is no joke when at least seven unrelated people have told me to watch this show and that I would love it.  The final straw came a few Wednesdays ago when one of the ladies in my confirmation group told me I must start watching.  Oh.  I’ve started.  And now I can’t stop.  They were all right.  It’s way too funny.  [Only one disc left on season one and then, I was informed tonight that all of season two is available on hulu.  Trouble.]
Then I was naughty tonight.  My kindle and I have a love affair at the gym; I try to only allow myself to read for fun if I’m moving, a la walking to/from class [I’m that girl, nearly tripping with her nose in a book; a return to my childhood when Nancy Drew and The Babysitter’s Club were my constant companions.] or on the treadmill.  That rule royally failed last week when I bought Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.  His method of writing and ability to draw you in and not let go always leaves me in awe.  I took that book home over break and now, within a week of buying it, it’s done, with most of its pages being read in bed or on the couch.  Next, The Hunger Games.  I’ve been warned by many that this book [the first in a trilogy] is the same – you’re unable to put it down.  Way to go, Stolen.  [I upload it to the kindle app on my phone too – see photo – so when I’m without my kindle, I can still read … again, I’m that girl.]
Thursday night – you know, the night before my thesis is due – I signed up to take a truffle class through St.Paul Community Ed with gal pal, Melissa.  From 6 – 9pm, we’ll be learning the how-to of chocolate truffles and are promised to bring at least two dozen home with us.  It would be in your best interest to find me on Friday. 
Further distraction: This.  Blogging.  A happy and needed distraction, but done now.  Onto the thesis.  Or unpacking.  Or maybe the gym with Mr.Kindle.  Or perhaps an episode of Modern Family which will inevitably turn into four …

you can do this, holy cow.

21 Apr
Writing a thesis sure is easier if there’s a song to go with it –
Many laughs and so many thanks to Joel and Melissa for writing, and to Lloyd and Betty for performing.  [Hint:  They’re actually the same people.]  you.are.awesome.  
[This is a short post because, really, what more can I say?  Watch the video and you will understand my amazement and lack of words.  To be a fly on the wall of Joel and Melissa’s apartment would be something.  They taught me how to liturgical dance to Katy Perry’s Firework a few nights ago.  This is one talented and super fun couple, folks!  You should be their friend.]

excitement. [updated]

19 Apr
I can’t help but be excited.  
I wrote a few weeks ago that I feel like I’m in a glass case of emotion.  Some days, I’m so ready to break free of this seminary institution; others, I don’t want to think about the inevitable departure.
Today I’m just excited about what is to come in the next few weeks.  Probably just as excited and giggly as this girl is to encounter a penguin.  [‘Hey, you penguin.  It’s too hot for you here.  I gotta send you back to the South Pole.’  Not an exact quote but, if you follow me in the slightest, you know where it comes from … name that movie for another ten points.  Remember, right now it’s Adam with 10 points and you with zero.  Here’s your chance!]  [Updated: Cassie for the win!  Check the comments for the answer.  And, yes, I think I am this excited!] Source: None via Lindsay on Pinterest

Frankly, I’m just giddy thinking about graduation.  The ceremony.  I’m excited to receive my master’s degree.  Rephrased: FREAKING excited.  You know, I’ve worked hard for this and it will feel great to have it completed and recognized in a graduation ceremony.  Hood me, por favor.
The night before graduation is baccalaureate.  [Try spelling that without the squiggly red line.  I fail every time.]  I’m pretty stoked that my mom and likely grandma and sister will be here for that occasion.  Prior to the worship service is a meet-and-greet with the CYF faculty/staff at Luther.  They want to meet my family.  And I want my family to meet them.  [I’ll be the first to admit I was pretty dumb my first two years at school.  I made little connection with the CYF team – the area of my concentration – and fellow CYF students.  Dumb.  Attempting to make up for that lack of awesome-ness this year.]
If we keep going backwards, the week and a half before the weekend of graduation is senior week.  I’m on the planning team for a week of events such as a possible dinner cruise, outdoor movie, and fun 5k.  For every minute that there isn’t a planned event, here’s hoping there will be impromptu and spontaneous hanging out and going out.  There will be no classes or papers; what else am I to do?  [Pack, says the logical part of the brain.  Nah, says the part that wants to have fun.]  
Before that, there will be the satisfaction of turning in final papers, attending final class periods, defending and turning in a thesis.  I feel ready for it.  Let’s do this thing.

there once was a party.

18 Apr
It started here.  An article I found online made claims that the dinner party was dying.  Think about it.  Are you more apt to go to someone’s home for a fancy dinner or meet friends at a restaurant?  If you are normal [always debatable, right?] and stand with the majority of society, chances are you do the later before the former.  
The dinner party is dying because of you.  
[Like that twinge of guilt thrown in?  Thought you would.]
I posted that very article to one Lauren’s facebook wall on the first of March.  Comments followed from Megan, Cassie, Marie, and Amanda.  We vowed to not let this death continue or to at least bring about a resurrection.  [It is nearly Easter.][Bad seminary joke?  Yup.  Maybe even a little distasteful?  Probably.]  Thus began the plans for our very own dinner party.
The location was settled and menu planned.  
Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were decidedly key parts of the evening.
Guests were invited and dress code established.  
This past Friday, our dream came true.  It was the grandest of 1960s-style dinner parties.  Cocktail dresses, lamb, cosmos, bowties, shrimp cocktail, wine, and baked alaska.  We spent our evening in style and in great company.  Fun was had by all around the table that seated eleven.   
No group pictures took I but these photos will give you a taste of our elegant evening as we saved the dinner party from further death.
Joel and Melissa.  Shrimp.  Cheese.
The men gather, sadly without cigars.
lamb, risotto, carrots, and asparagus.  (not pictured: delicious salad course.)
dessert: baked alaska with Lauren’s delightful
personalized center pieces in the background.
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