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That’s a lot of sprinkles.

30 Jun
The price was right, the colors were unlike any I had seen in other stores, and knowing that I have cakepops by the hundreds to make in the next month, I figure they’ll get used.  These [and lunch with Lynn] totally made my day.  I’m excited to put them to work!

that kind of day.

30 Jun
It’s a I-miss-the-Cities-a-lot kind of sad day.
It’s a I’m-having-lunch-with-a-friend-in-Madison kind of happy day.
It’s a I’m-super-stoked-to-check-out-this-speciality-baking-shop-I-heard-about kind of excited day.  [Vanilla Bean // I’ll let you know how it is.  It opens at 9:30 and I’m currently two blocks away at a Starbucks.  I’ll wait a reasonable amount of time after they open; don’t want to seem too eager to explore their edible confetti and sanding sugars. *cough* crazy lady *cough*]
It’s a humidity-go-away kind of complaining day.  [aka a-big-hair kind of day.]
It’s a learn-to-protect-yourself kind of drill day.  [What if they come at you with a garden trowel?  Steal your socks?  Climb in your window?  What will you do?  Not all gnomes are as kind as Dawson gnomes.]
It’s a I-have-nothing-on-my-calendar-until-July-10th kind of whining day.  [which leads to a I’m-going-crazy kind of day]
It’s a I-really-really-really-miss-my-seminary-friends kind of sad day.
It’s a I’ll-think-about-getting-my-oil-changed-but-won’t-actually-do-it kind of procrastination day.
What kind of day are you having?

Lindsay + July = Cakepop Crazies

28 Jun
In this second Lindsay + July installment, I’ll begin to share with you how cakepops will occupy my life and how I’ll share that life with you via video.

ps keep emailing me those snail mail addresses!

Lindsay + July = Snail Mail.

27 Jun
Gandolf likes to say that it’s not how much time but what you do with the time that’s given to you.  [Literally just heard that line at the end of Fellowship of the Ring.  Onto Two Towers shortly.]
Today, with the time alloted to me, I ran errands for both my mom and my grandpa.  [My grandpa stopped by for a mowing break.  I think he really just wanted a cookie; it was snack time and he did enthusiastically accept one when offered.  A few of these are in my freezer right now.  He heard I was going to Stoughton and asked if I would check on his string trimmer which was at a hardware store for repair.  Sure, I said, and then sure enough, it was done with repairs and ready to be taken home.  When I returned to his place to hand it off, he was outside trimming a tree with a chainsaw.  Mind you – he’s 90.]  I watched the tail end of a Lifetime movie and an hour of How I Met Your Mother.  I took two walks – one solo and one with a friend – and quilted.  Now I drink wine, eat popcorn and write to you.
Without anything really on my agenda, I managed to fill my day fairly well.  It was one day – I fear a month or two of nothing really on my schedule will begin to get to me.  Thus I launch a blog post series I like to call Lindsay + July = _________.
In this first installment of the series, Lindsay + July = Snail Mail.  I enjoy sending snail mail – letters, packages, very large playground balls, etc.  I try to do my best to send a piece to many different people at various times during the year and am the post office’s loyal patron.  Sometimes, I get busy and utterly fail at sending mail for a few months.  Other times, I’m pretty good.  I like doing it and I think/hope it brings joy to the person on the receiving end.  [I received a graduation card from my Washington friend, Kari, today and it made my day!]  Therefore, in the month of July, in the hopes of spreading joy and filling my time, I will send one piece of snail mail on each day the US Postal Service offers delivery.  [For the month of July, that will equal 25 pieces of mail.]  Some days it may be a handwritten letter.  Another day it might be a post-it puzzle for you to assemble or maybe even cakepops.  It’s going to be a wild card game here, folks.
Here’s where you come in.  Do you want some snail mail?  Jump up and down and yell, “Me! Me! Me!” [or, if I can’t see you as you do that, write it in the comments.  or tweet me.  or fbook me.]  Also make sure I have your current address [send me an email if I don’t] and then I pinky swear promise you can expect from me a piece of mail in the month of July.  I can’t wait to write to you!  [Or send you a really creepy piece of art that I buy for a quarter at a garage sale.]

coming home.

27 Jun
Yesterday, while chatting with seminary friends following jD’s ordination in Rochester, one asked me what it was like to be living at home again.  I kinda stumbled over my answer.  I mean, it’s good but it’s also not any surprise to any person that moving home after being away for so long would be tough.  There are certainly perks to being home – living in the country, seeing family, free rent, etc.  Definitely perks.  I love seeing cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents on a nearly daily basis or being able to call them up and see who is up for any kind of adventure.  I love my hammock and having time to read.  A full-sized kitchen in which to cook and bake.  Time to sew and a yard in which to frolic.  It’s been fun living with Mom and Em, though it seems we’re all too scattered to really be together too much.  I’m still waiting for a repeat Friday night of Modern Family and chinese take-out …
See – perks.  But then today I woke up extremely angry and frustrated about how things have changed.  This isn’t in regards to family or the home I’m living in but rather in regards to friends.  My high school friends and I have remained in touch and close since we graduated nine years ago.  Now that I’ve returned, five of us live in southern WI/northern IL, plus some boy friends who live close too.  I moved home and thought that this would be great.  I could hang out and reconnect with my long lost friends that I haven’t lived near in so many years.
It has kind of worked.  I see a small number of these friends and talk to them on a weekly basis.  [The three Ks – Krissy, Kim, and Kay.]  But then there are those friends that seem to have grown distant from me without knowledge or my permission!  Why do they exclusively hang out with other people, not reply to my facebook messages, and create events to which I’m not invited?
I understand it’s simply a fact of life.  There are friends for certain seasons, and in other seasons, those friendships change and grow distant.  I think what frustrates me the most is that I didn’t get the memo.  There was no breaking point in the friendship.  No betrayal or disagreement.  It just shifted.  I’m a connected person [Connectedness!  I just remembered – that’s another one of my StrengthsFinder themes!] and will hang onto a friendship, trying to stay in touch and connected to those people in all times and despite distances.  When that connection isn’t reciprocated, I guess I become frustrated and sad.    
I know that I have changed too.  Maybe some of these friends don’t want to hang out with a pastor [I seriously – and sadly – wonder if this isn’t part of it …], or maybe they just have found more meaningful relationships in my absence.  But still, isn’t it the truth that even after you’ve been gone for so long, you expect to return to a home that was the same as when you left?  I suppose that’s what we hope for, yet know it can never be the case.  I guess I have two more months to adjust to this kind of home and make the most of it, connecting with those people who want to connect with me and filling my days with the things that bring me joy. 
Up next?  Party planning with Kim for a dog-themed birthday party.  I’m thinking these and cupcakes with fondant bones on top … I have a whole pinterest board assigned to this party and can’t wait to begin!  [For those who are curious: The party is not for an actual dog; I would not be a party planning fool for a dog’s party.  That’s weird, people.  It is for Kim’s husband, which I realize, does not sound any better.  Apparently Mike didn’t want a party dedicated to him so the party is dedicated to their yellow lab, Bella, while really, it’s for Mike.  There will be a bouncy house.]
25 Jun
First, a notification:  Pending an affirmative vote on July 10th at the church which has offered me a call, I will be ordained on July 24 at my home congregation in Cambridge, WI.  Time: tbd.  [Likely late afternoon.]  It’s been a tricky thing to navigate, being that I don’t technically have a call but knowing that I’ve never heard of a vote not going through, while trying to find a date that works with the bishop’s busy schedule.  July 24 is the place at which we arrived.  Write it down because you should come!  [If you want to …]
Second, a plea: In conversation with said church, I learned that the current interim has plans to leave at the very end of August.  That leaves me two more months at home.  That is one more than I planned on … Now accepting suggestions of how to spend my time.  After this weekend, there is officially very, very little on my calendar and those days and weeks will need to be filled.  Any suggestions that also offer ways to earn a bit of money are favorable.  Help?

a bassonist and a flutist.

25 Jun
Dave and Veronica got married.  Again.  
And a good time was had by all.
It was fun to spend time with Joe and Amanda as they bunked at my house during the wedding festivities, and it was fun to see Allison and James and Deb and Scott [and baby Isabelle].  It was also so wonderful to officiate the ceremony.  Nervous though I was, it was a lot of fun to be a part of the ceremony for such a strong, grounded couple like Veronica and Dave.  
the Luther crew
Top it all off?  They served macaroni and cheese in the buffet line.  Mac and cheese.  How awesome is that?  There was also much Spotted Cow to go around and coffee with the cake.  Nearly all of yesterday afternoon – when we weren’t writing the screenplay for the new movie Willy Wonka and the Charcoal Factory, Joe and I tried to guess whether or not coffee would be served with the cake at the reception.  We certainly hoped so.  Being that we’re 85 years old, we needed coffee with our dessert.  As Joe would say, it is only right and salutary.

the haps.

23 Jun
[translation: happenings.]
I picked strawberries with my friend Kay and her son.  No clue what I’m going to do with the two baskets that now occupy the fridge.  Jam – the usual go to – seems unnecessary as I am still working my way through last year’s batches … 

I held this cutie cousin, Kennedy, for the littlest while the other afternoon.  Until she wanted to sit in the stroller and eat her cheerios.  

It’s wedding time for my college friend, Veronica!  I’ve been busy writing a wedding message and practicing my best presider’s stance as I have the honor of officiating.  [Veronica and Dave are technically already married.  This is an affirmation sort of ceremony with family and friends.]  While the thought of officiating makes me nervous and slightly terrified, it is also super exciting.  Not only is there a wonderful celebration for an awesome couple, it has become a mini-Luther reunion of sorts.  My college roomie and her husband are bunking with me in E-town currently [Amanda rolled in last night.], and friends Deb and Allison [along with spouses/child] will be in attendance.  I’m looking forward to catching up with them tomorrow night!


21 Jun
I’d like yours.

When I first started working at Trinity in Stillwater, I took the Clifton Strengths Finder strengths inventory.  I loved the focus that this congregation placed on peoples’ unique designs and each person’s given strengths; it has formed and shaped me and my theology since.  This inventory gives you the top five themes that come out as you answer questions.  One of mine, in addition to developer and learner and two more I can’t recall at this specific moment, is input.  I’ve never quite known what to do with this signature theme.  What does it even mean?

According to the Strengths Finder book –

So I’m a pack rat and that’s okay.  It’s part of my created being.  Can this be my excuse to keep these?

My dad collected matchbooks.  Not like actively [he belonged to no club and subscribed to no magazines] but as he went about, he’d grab a matchbook and keep them all together.  My mom wants to put them on the auction.  I told her I want them.  Her response?  “And what would you do with those?”  
I don’t know.  But I want them.  I think they’re interesting.  Who knows when they might become useful?  I feel like the possibilities could – quite possibly – be endless.  I have a few projects tucked away, but any ideas for me?  How do I convince my mom that I want a rubbermaid bin filled with old  matchbooks and that it’s a good idea?

this is

21 Jun
what I looked like when I woke up today.  I went to bed with a wet head and this is what happened.  Then a neighbor came to the door and I had to answer it.  [wee bit embarrassed]

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