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31 Jul
Molly and I made an impromptu tie blanket with fleece I had laying around.  She loves it.  Can’t you tell by her facial expression?

I babysat for cousins Drew, Logan, and Kennedy.  Besides not having the motherly touch to put Kennedy to sleep, we had fun.  Kennedy, like EVERY other baby that age, has discovered my mole.  The huge mole that’s next to my nose.  Babies always find it and touch it and then it looks like they are putting their fingers up my nose.  [which sometimes happens too.]   Drew, Logan and I played catch.  Drew throws hard; I think my wrist might be swollen.

I like her onesie – “I still live at home.”  I should get that in a tshirt.

this is right before she lost her balance and fell over.  both legs on the floor, babe!

goodbye. hello.

30 Jul
to my first ever bike.  i think someone paid $1 for it.

geeps speaks with the new deere owner after the auction.

I scored a few things at the auction too.  [pre-auction.  bid I did not.]  Funky metal drawers and – wait for it – A CARD CATALOG!  A mini-card catalog.  We’re talking twelve drawers.  It held screws and things in the shop and it’s in pretty rough shape.  I will refinish it, clean it up, and love it as my own.  [It’s a secret dream of mine to have a card catalog.  This one is on a small scale but I’m still thrilled.  Photos/perhaps a before/after series to follow!]

holy auction, batman.

30 Jul
This was the third auction my family has hosted in my lifetime.  The first, when I was 16 and we were moving off the farm.  The second, four years ago at my grandpa’s, selling the gas engines and gas pumps that my grandfather and dad had refinished as a hobby for so many years.  Now today, the third.  My mom was looking to downsize and now that my brother does not live here, there was a shop filled with tools and tidbits to sell.  [I had no idea how much stuff was in that shop until it was emptied.]

the one holding the gun?  he slapped my butt.
tobacco lathe.
grandpa with cousins mike and brent.
It was a hot sticky day but the crowds filled our yard and our driveway beginning at 8am this morning.  The gas pumps [that my grandpa has refinished since the previous auction four years ago], the gun collection that has lived in the gun closet in my mom’s bedroom for years and years, and a couple tractors on the bill, in addition to furniture, a few lawn mowers, and tobacco lathes, brought the people.  The people included lots of my dad’s family, Einstein [or a man who greatly resembled this scientist], and the amish.
It was a stressful and crazy couple of days preparing for my mom and my brother, but once the day arrived, things fell into place nicely.  The auctioneer and auction specialist ran things in an orderly fashion, and the head of the auction company only slapped my butt once.  [And I’m pretty serious about that.  Yeah, he’s like 60.]  I teared up only at one point, when Ben climbed onto the John Deere to start it for the crowds.  It was a tractor that we used each year in tobacco harvest, and that would be the last time someone in our family started it.  Sad story.  But such is life.  The tractor must continue on to make another farmer a happy tractor driver, as is every tractor’s dream.  Go, John Deere, fulfill your tractor destiny.

the three gnomes.

29 Jul
It’s a tale much like that of the deathly hallows – of an elder wand, a resurrection stone, and a cloak of invisibility.*  But this tale is one of three gnomes with three lessons for ministry.  These three gnomes magically appeared in the pulpit at my ordination, traveling long distances with Pastor Kendall as their guide.
Gnomes are certainly wise creatures despite the bad reputation they seem to gain.  [Something about stealing socks and pulling pranks from within the weeds.]  These gnomes are theologically wise, having much knowledge of ministry and how to be a non-anxious presence in pastoral care and other situations.  As they shared their perfect three tips at my ordination, so they wish to share with you.

The first gnome, on the left, with his finger to his lips, reminds us that to listen is golden.  In ministry – as in all important conversations and in every relationship – it is important to listen.  Listening, often more than talking, is why we have two ears and only one mouth; use them proportionately.  
The middle gnome, with his hands and arms in a gentle shrug, reminds us that no one has the answers.  Not I, not you.  Sometimes – likely more often than we do – it’s okay to say, “I don’t know.”  I don’t know why bad things happen.  I don’t know why there is so much pain in the world.  I don’t know where your other black sock went.  shrug.  I don’t know.  And that’s okay.  It’s honest and it’s true and sometimes it’s the best answer to say that you don’t have the answer.  
The gnome on the right, with hands in a prayerful grasp, seek to show us to pray first and speak after.  If you pray before speaking, the prayer is one of guidance and asking for God’s presence within a conversation.  But, if you pray after speaking, the prayer is one of seeking forgiveness and questions of “why did I just say that?!”  Pray first, speak later.  Pray first.
There we have it.  The three gnomes and the tales of wisdom they came to East Koshkonong to share.  Thanks to the three wise gnomes for their tips for ministry and the ways in which they share the life lessons they have learned.  And thanks to Pastor Kendall for bringing them to me and to live forever in my church office.  [Which they totally will.  They will live on a shelf, occasionally on my desk, and be a conversation piece for all who visit.  Major, major creativity points to KLS.  Awesome sermon to bring home the ordination.  Awesome.]

* Harry Potter reference.  Catch up, folks!

a few more.

28 Jul

aunt kari, molly, aunt peggy, and trudy read at the beginning of the ordination service.
sharon photographs the scene from above.

paige and amanda read the charges.

grace presents me with a green stole which matches their paraments.  oh for sweet.

mommy and i.
the pastor uncorks the wine.  favorite part of this photo?  sharon’s face!

a few photos.

27 Jul
More will follow!

laying on of hands.

the dawson sixteen-hours-in-a-car wonderful crew.

molly was my awesome acolyte.

giving of the stole.
a better glance at the stole, sewn by mom.

the ladies served a super classy reception.

with aunt kari and molly bea.

the grandparents.

a happy wednesday.

27 Jul
For a day that started off with me sitting in the lounge at the toyota dealership and shelling out a couple hundred bucks for needed repairs on Sprocket, it turned into a happy wednesday.  Why the happiness?
I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie.  Cousin Colin and I went in fear.  In fear that we would cry a lot.  In fear that we would be so sad that it’s come to an end.  In the car ride to the theater, we both said more than once, “I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”  Ready or not, two weeks past release, we watched the Harry Potter saga end.  What did I think?  I’m still processing.
I received these in the mail today.  Quite honestly, they are more beautiful than I ever expected them to be. I love them.  I love them a lot.  [I’ve been crushing on these bowls from Anthropologie for well over a half year.  This set was bought as an ordination gift and shipped to me.]  I’m in love … with latte bowls.

I spent nearly an hour in phone conversation with a friend.  The reason for the call was not happy to begin but it was great to connect.  Miss her.
I received a reusable sandwich/snack bag from the Reilly clan [who are also behind the bowls!].  I’ve actually been meaning to sew a few of these – I think the idea of reusing baggies like this is genius.  Now I’ve received one that matches my lunchbox in theme – gnome.  The sandwich bag reminds me that gnomes also walk their dogs, have gardens, play trumpet, and may possess creepy teeth.
I drove back to Madison tonight to pick up my younger brother, Ben, from the airport which he arrived at via bus.  This is my brother who moved to Alaska a few months ago and is making an appearance at home for the auction this weekend.  He flew out of Anchorage and into MSP early this morning.  His first flight out to Madison was cancelled.  His rescheduled flight was cancelled.  Apparently, no other flights existed and so at 5pm – five hours after he was originally scheduled to arrive in Madison – he boarded a bus to get to Madison.  Poor guy.  But fun to see him and catch up!  [Did you know they don’t have thunderstorms in Alaska?  There’s your fun fact for Wednesday.  I had no idea.]  Right now it’s a shot in the dark but there might also be a bit of Alaska adventure for me in the next month.  You see Ben has a car here.  He wouldn’t mind having it in Alaska.  Enter Lindsay with a wide-open August.  I might take a tour through Canada to Alaska with my brother’s Subaru.  The idea has only just surfaced … but here’s hoping it might work!  [With maybe a stop in Havre, J&M?  According to google, it would only add two hours to the drive.  So worth it!]


26 Jul
You think to yourself, “Could this girl blog any more than she has in the last few days?!”  
[Don’t challenge me!]
Here’s what I think: I’m still processing that day when that one thing called ordination happened.  As I process, I blog.  Not to mention, now that the ordination planning is behind me, what else am I supposed to do?
In the process of it all and in talking to the call committee chair at Red Oak Grove [hereafter to be called ROG], I will not move until Labor Day weekend.  I will begin work that week and lead my first worship service on September 11.  [Sounds like a great idea, right?  On the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11, I will preach to a church of people I have yet to know.]  That means one more month at home.  One more month to … shrug
So there’s that.  And then there’s the fact that I feel a little … sad that the day is over.  There was so much build-up [um, four years?] to that day and now, it’s over.  In the past.  Behind me.  I knew that on that day I would see friends and family and we would celebrate.  Celebration over.  As my favorite resident in my CPE nursing home would say in her raspy voice, “Now what?”  [“Push Margie?  Feed Margie?”  She would also tell me on occasion, “You talk too much.”  That may apply here as well.]

That being said, let’s talk a little bit about this word love.
This word has been a part of the last few days in many different ways.  I had written earlier that I felt so supported and loved on that day.  [True story.]  Whether the word was said verbally or not, I felt it.  Then I started to say it and hear it in all sorts of places.
From my college roommate, who has taught me a lot about saying “I love you” aloud, something I have always been timid to do; now it’s how we end our phone conversations.  I yelled it to Cassie as she left that night.  “Love yous!”  [She responded with a “I know.”]  In the card I received from my tweeds.  [Tweeds: pet name for Sara.  I call her that and she calls me Schmoopsie.]  At the end of an email from a Dawson friend and in the text message I sent to another Dawsonite [and meant to be shared with the whole sixteen hour crew.  she’s just the one I normally text.].  At the end of a message, combined with a “God loves you,” and at the conclusion of my video ordination greeting from friends.  A “love ya” that was signed with a “ME” in a facebook message, and a “We love you, Lindsay” from the Bananas.
As Hugh Grant says in the beginning voiceover of the movie Love Actually, “If you take the time to look, you’ll discover that love is, actually, all around.”
I’m looking.  I’m looking to name it already present and to grow into it.  It’s still a tricky thing to say, and it can be a tough bridge to cross.  It’s something I still hope to discover in one sense of the word, but also something I feel my life is filled with in another sense.  It’s found on tip-toes and shouted from roof tops, and it’s not an easy thing to always talk about …
And …
… I end this post, having confused myself, forgetting the point I initially wanted to make, and for fear of getting a little too sappy.

a portapotty post.

26 Jul
It’s an I’m-just-not-sure-what-to-do-with-myself kind of day.  
I went to target to purchase note cards to mail off, but moped around the store for easily 45 minutes before actually checking out.  Then stopped at a quilt shop to see if I could find a quilt cleanser for these babies.  [I stopped at this quilt store a few weeks ago, looking for fabric for my red stole.  The woman who I spoke with today remembered me and asked me how my ordination was.  For nice!]  
A two-coffees kind of day.  A little obsessive over facebook day.
A spray painting wooden roosters day.  [Speaking of roosters, I died laughing at this blog post.]
I went to the jewelry center at the mall.  Gal pal, Kim, and her husband, together with her parents, bought me a Pandora bracelet for my ordination.  I found out there is a gnome charm.  Done.  [The woman who helped me asked if I collected gnomes.  Um … I guess so!]

And then I came home to find this in our yard.  Classy.  [We’re hosting an auction this weekend.  I promise a portapotty in the yard is not normal.]

I’m baking a cake in an attempt to make these tonight, as per request of a friend throwing a baby shower.  Wish me luck.  Mine likely will look nothing like the picture.  [But mine also won’t cost $48/dozen!]

But first, I think I might take a nap.  Sleep has not been my friend these last couple nights.  [After I put a second coat of paint on the roosters, of course.]

a gift.

26 Jul
I was showered upon with hugs, prayers, cards, love, and gifts at my ordination.  [yeah, yeah, yeah, lindsay.  you’ve mentioned this before.]  It’s true.  I want to share one of these gifts with you.  It’s one that came wrapped like this:
The same way in which I wrapped Lori’s ordination gift from Grace last year with old, old bulletin covers that still hang out in the copy room.  They’ve come in handy!  [I still remember carrying the ugly, tacky box into Lori’s church and putting it on the floor by all the other gifts.  The preaching pastor for the ordination, one Pastor Mary, was standing nearby and she sincerely complimented me on the wrapping.  “Oh.  Oh!  That’s so nice.  Wonderful.”  Really, Pastor Mary?]
Inside of this box I unwrapped while sitting on the grass outside, surrounded by the Grace folks and others intrigued by such folly [I probably attracted over by reading the card aloud with such emphasis and emotion.], were many things.  Many things.  Not pictured are the gifts from the 50th anniversary of Grace that happened this past June.  A cookbook, notecards, and an ornament.  Super cool.  Then there were these things –
A bat catcher.  Something every church/pastor needs.  [What will I do when I don’t have a Batman to catch the bats at Red Oak Grove?!]

A “cooky” pastry press.  Lynn showed me how to use it.  It’s for ladyfingers, eclairs and more.

A purple gingham apron, a piece of really strange red and green fabric, a purse/pocketbook thing [for church keys, I guess], and a new sewing book.
And, naturally, new cardigans.  Three to be precise.  A light pink, fleece gray, and a knit pink.  They’re only slightly sketchy and likely need to be washed.  [Courtesy of the thrift store in Dawson and excellent thrifting done by the staff.]
Good job, Grace.  Good job.
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