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Camp Erin, here I come.

30 Jun

I have a shirt. It’s official now.

The last weekend in July I’ll be at Camp Erin as a Sharing Circle Leader for a group of 5-7 year olds who have experienced the death of a parent/close family member. It’s bound to be difficult and profound with lots of hope and laughter mixed in.

I had an all-staff meeting last week in the cities to learn more about the camp weekend and learn what my role would be. As a Sharing Circle Leader, I – along with the two other women on my team – will use provided curriculum to guide and facilitate conversation with our group of ten little ones four times throughout the weekend. When it isn’t sharing circle time, I will have other jobs to make camp run smoothly. You know, serving root beer floats and stuff. Because I’m a SCL, this also means that I will not be in the cabins with the kids. (That job belongs to the Cabin Big Buddies.) At first, that made me sad … but it will be okay. I’m just excited to be at camp in any capacity.

We have one more pre-camp event – a ‘save your spot’ pizza party that welcomes all campers and their families to come and meet the volunteers and ease their nerves. After that event next week, camp will soon be upon us.


Three photos.

24 Jun

First: Day camp! My favorite. Last Wednesday was the first Wednesday of day camp for the summer. We had a great time painting with dead fish and playing sardines. (Eating sardines too. I didn’t think anyone would touch them but they devoured a tin of them in just a few minutes!)

Second: Kayaking! My favorite. Dave and I went out last Friday. I impressed him with my mad kayak skills and we both got a little wet, but it was all okay.

Third: Visitors! My favorite. My college roomie, Amanda, and her husband, Joe, are staying at the parsonage for the week. It’s home base for them as they begin to get things squared away to move to Minnesota again after a few years in Texas. Our weekly skype dates can now be replaced with in-person dates!




Gnome visitors!

20 Jun

If you know me well at all, you know this is my pattern:

1. See people from Dawson.

2. Gush about people from Dawson on blog.

I’m a predictable sort of gal in that way so here we go.

1. I saw people from Dawson! The Agape Singers (which includes a boatload of my favorite people from Grace Lutheran, where I was intern pastor for a year) came to Red Oak Grove for a service of worship and praise last night as a part of their summer tour week. It was a shame that it was a stormy evening – which I think prevented some people from coming out – but those that came LOVED it. It. was. wonderful.

2. Let me gush about those people from Dawson! It was simply wonderful to see friendly faces – people I worked with on staff in my year there, youth I had in my confirmation classes, and children of staff members. It’s been almost five years since I packed up my car to move to that small western Minnesotan town where the gnomes greet you on the highway, but I still miss it. It was an incredibly fun year. Incredibly fun. I’m so glad there are moments in life like this – when the Agape Singers needed a church in the area and the connection was there. Moments to reconnect and hug friends from past lives. My heart is full today.

(Photos: Grace staff and staff children and me, trying to fit in with a green shirt too; Grace pastor, Kendall, and I selfie.)



A new favorite.

16 Jun

There is a lot going on in life right now.  A quick trip home at the end of last week.  Day camp this week.  The Agape Singers from western MN [including many, many of my favorite gnome friends!] are touring to Red Oak Grove this coming Thursday.  It’s mostly all good stuff in life.  But instead of a general overview post where I ramble on and on, I’m going to tell you about my new favorite thing.

Now, I know.  I know.  I have lots of favorite things.  Some people accuse me of applying the word too liberally.  But this is the real deal.  A real, true, magnificent favorite.

Traveling by bicycle.

It’s my new favorite.  I bought Mavis a few weeks ago now and she pretty much remains parked in a garage in Austin, next to her bike friend, Miles.  Mavis stays put in town because Miles’ rider and I have taken to running errands by bicycle.  And I love it.

We bike to the video store.  [Yes.  I have a membership to a video store.  How they are still profitable, I don’t know, but it’s cheaper than renting online.]  We bike to geocache.  We bike to supper.

That’s my favorite.  There is something super fun about biking to a restaurant, eating, and then biking home.  Or so I think anyways.  Last night was a double favorite: we biked downtown for supper [geocaching on the way – yes, we are dorks] AND ate outside.  It was the perfect evening weather-wise and we made the most of it.

We haven’t biked to the grocery store yet.  That will come.  Mavis needs a basket first.

Polka dot therapy.

8 Jun

It was a long Sunday. Worship – trick candles included – and an afternoon funeral – with a procession to the cemetery of John Deere tractors – I came home at 5:30 beat. Emotionally. Physically. All around beat.

Instead of sitting down and instantly falling asleep, I knew I needed to do something. I grabbed a sweet potato, cut it in half, and got to stamping. It was time to finish the polka dot wall.

And though I was initially unsure, I love it. Polka dots make me happy. Here’s hoping the prettiness energizes me to get the rest of the messy office in order …


Childlike behavior. Almost.

7 Jun

I firmly believe that it is well and good and healthy to act like a child now and again. To skip, imagine, and play games.

Games like Mouse Trap.

We played Mouse Trap last night, except we played it as adults. Because how did you play Mouse Trap as a child? You didn’t actually play the game, did you? My brothers and I never did. We got out the box and set up the trap and that was about it.

As adults playing Mouse Trap, we played according to the rules. Which we had to read in detail because none of us had actually ever rolled the dice and moved mice around the board. I finally learned what those cheese pieces were for and how at the end, you just keep going around in a six-space loop. I had no idea.

I suppose you could say we engaged in child’s play in an adult way. Either way, it was pretty fun. Especially since my mouse emerged victorious.

(You’ll also notice a beer in the background of the picture. That’s not very child-like either.)


I needed a finish.

6 Jun

In so much of my life – my job, quilts, etc. – projects are constantly ongoing. There aren’t a whole lot of finishes on a daily basis. After a bit of a roller coaster week, with the up and down ride to continue in the coming days and weeks, I needed a finish. A final, competed project.

I felt compelled to spend time in my happy place this morning – my sewing room. However, I couldn’t quite get the energy to continue work on a project I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish today in the few hours I had available. What’s a girl who needs a finish to do?

Start another, smaller project, of course.

I made a pillow case. It will be my travel pillow for the summer. My camp pillow for when I spend a weekend at Camp Erin in July. The pillow I take to the cabin in a couple weeks and home next week. It even has French seams. (Oh la la. Please note I didn’t even know what those were before I began sewing.)

And so, Lindsay has a finish for the day. Something competed. Life is good.


How will my garden grow?

4 Jun

We will see! It was tilled last Friday and yesterday was the day I finally got around to planting. Lovely Ardell, a woman in the congregation, came over to help me and give me some pointers. (I really was quite clueless!) It’s not too pretty and it’s filled a little too full, but I look forward to learning along the way.

Through the summer and fall, here’s hoping it yields yummy snap peas and carrots and lettuce and zucchini and tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers and butternut squash and melons! (I told you there was a lot in there! We will see how well they all become friends.)

Here is a before and after:


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