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A Mabel Update.

27 Apr

Mabel got to keep all of her toes!  (phew.)

I picked her up yesterday afternoon.  She remained a little crazy/loopy for the evening, with a little separation anxiety thrown in.  It wasn’t until I stayed in one place that she finally fell asleep.  She continues to be on pain meds so hopefully the paw isn’t bothering her too much.

Of course, she can’t lick the stitches/wound so that’s been interesting.  As long as I am home, she seems to be okay.  If she licks, telling her no will get her to stop.  She went to the office with me this morning, I’m working from home now, and she just may go to confirmation tonight.

Because if I’m not home with her … it’s the cone of shame.  I put it on this afternoon as I had to go to Austin.  She was not a happy camper.  Immediately, after pushing that thing over her head, she looked sad.  So sad.  Defeated.   I know it’s for the best but we’re going to try and avoid that one as much as possible.  I’ll continue to baby my 98 pound baby as much as I can.  🙂

That’s the Mabel update.  Thanks for your concern!

A not-so-fun Mabel adventure.

25 Apr

Tomorrow will be a first for Mabel & I.  I will drive her to the vet clinic and drop her off around 8am.  I will leave.  She will have surgery.  I will pick her up later in the afternoon.  Then, I will make her homemade dog treats to ease the stress of it all.

I discovered something on Mabel’s paw a couple weeks ago.  Some sort of growth that she was licking constantly.  Some days it looked like it was getting better, but then the next day it would look worse.  I called the vet.  Took her in.  Antibiotics issued.  Surgery scheduled.

It’s a tumor of some kind and the vet said that tumors on dogs’ feet can be bad news.  They easily spread and the best course of action is to get it out of there.  Mabel’s been on antibiotics to hopefully shrink the infection that was heaped on top of the tumor.  If it has shrunk enough, she’ll get to keep all her toes.  If not, well …

I’m hoping all goes well and she comes home with all her toes still accounted for.  Tonight we’re spending some time outside and we’ll cuddle on the couch (for as long as she will tolerate it).  She usually gets a small bone when she comes in from outside; tonight ice cubes will have to suffice as the treat.  No more food tonight.

Cross your fingers and your paws that Mabel gets to keep all of hers.  I’ll keep you posted.IMG_5488

*guy on phone laughs*

24 Apr

Then he says: Heres what I would do – plant your garden in the soil.  What you’re talking about makes no sense.

What were we talking about?  Gardening in straw bales.

Last week, I went to the library to hear a speaker.  The speaker was THE straw bale garden guy.   I went intrigued and left sold.  I told Dave I no longer needed a rototiller.  I just needed six or seven straw bales.  (And some fence posts and wire and fertilizer.)

Fast forward.  I bought this gentleman’s book and we started planning.  Dave used his pinball-farmer contacts to get some phone numbers about who might be able to help us secure some square straw bales.  Turns out farmers don’t so much do that anymore.

He has this one farmer on speaker and I hear it all go down.  I hear him laughing at us.  Here’s what I would do – plant your garden in the soil.  What you’re talking about makes no sense.

No sense?  Okay, fair enough.  It’s a little wacky but it’s gaining in popularity.  And it actually makes a lot of sense.  My garden is basically weeds.  I can keep up the first couple weeks but then I go away on vacation or get super busy at church and I can never catch back up.  Straw bales = little to no weeds.  They don’t require getting on the ground or bending over as much (which is appealing to some).  It can help with rabbits eating your green beans.  (Grrr.  I’m still mad about that from last summer.)  After the bales are treated with fertilizer to get them “cooking,” you can plant earlier than you can in the ground.  (Not that I’ll be on the ball enough to make that happen.)  It’s got a lot going for it and we’re going to give it a go this year.

I found a congregation member who can get me bales.  He won’t even let me pay for them.  Once I have a chance, some landscape fabric will be laid over the current garden plot, the straw bales arranged, and eventually, some trellises of fence posts and wire built to hold the climbing veggies.

I’m pretty excited about it all.  I’ll keep you posted on the project and, if you are one who thinks this makes no sense, maybe I’ll show you some positive results that will have you rethinking that.  (Fingers crossed.  Or maybe it will all completely fail.  I have no idea what will happen.  And, frankly, that’s what makes it all kind of fun.)

Update. [A prescription for a good week…]

14 Apr

Throw in some beautiful weather and it has been a pretty darn delightful week.  A good week definitely includes time swinging in the hammock too.  Check.

Update: As of this morning, the dead bird on the patio door steps is gone!  My wish was granted that some animal carry it off in the dead of night so I wouldn’t have to touch it.  [But now there is a suspicious amount of animal hair spread in a concentrated area just feet away from the steps.  Connected events?  A scuffle?  An animal brawl?  An attack of birds on the animal that dared to carry their dead friend away?]

Also: A prescription for a good week according to Lindsay DOES NOT include loss of internet service.  We’ve been offline at church/the parsonage since Tuesday afternoon.  [I write this post from the place to which I’ve been exiled if I wish to be connected: the library.]  I’m supposed to call tech support tomorrow if it doesn’t miraculously return.  Enter the third evening of no television with many shows to catch up on and no wifi with blogging to do … #tinyviolin.  [I know.  There are much worse things.]  Expect no Friday Favorites this week.  Sad face.

Here’s hoping your weekend is lovely!

A prescription for a good week according to Lindsay.

12 Apr

Sing, dance, and shuffle around the bathroom to Walk the Moon as you get ready for the day. (Favorites: Portugal and Sidekick.)

Spend a solid 20 minutes singing as many classic Disney lyrics as you can remember with your significant other.  (Be our guest!  Be our guest!)

Paint those wooden spoons.  Dream of the garden they will go in. 

 Treat yo self … to No Name salmon fillets.  (I haven’t bought them in years; still delicious.  Remember those, Mom?)

Attend a women’s lunch where they color.  (It was a BYOCB – bring your own coloring book – event.) 

 Make significant progress on The Boyfriend’s tshirt quilt.  Wander aisles of fabric with him to find the perfect backing. 

  Wake with the sun-ish.  Go for a walk before breakfast.

Sit in front of the patio door and watch the birds gorge themselves on birdseed.  (I’m pretty much on an every-other-day fill schedule.)  Continue to ignore the dead bird on the steps just outside the patio door because you don’t know what to do with it/you don’t want to touch it/you really hope some animal will just carry it off in the black of night.

The Mindy Project is back!

Continually watch the tracking data for a bundle of new fabric you ordered.

Make bacon-wrapped-goat-cheese-filled dates for book club.  Seriously yum.

Get invited to eat birthday cake with one of my favorite 2 year olds.

(This goes back more than a week but) Meet up with family in LaCrosse!  Eat lunch and shop.

Do not let the sixth grade music class intimidate you while subbing.  (aka Yell for them to pay attention until your throat has to recover by coughing for a minute.  Point – Red sweatshirt!  Move to the chair in the corner!  At minute 22 of a 25 minute class, just give up.)


Friday Favorites.

8 Apr

friday favorites

With every passing day, summer grows closer (though it is hard to believe some days).  That means gardening season will soon be arriving too. How cute are these wooden spoon garden markers?  I ordered spoons on Amazon.  (12 for $6)  They’ll be here tomorrow.

Friday night at home calls for Chinese food.  I made this tonight and it was pretty darn delicious.  I have a whole weekend at home so tomorrow might call also for these (meatballs to freeze in small batches) and these (a small sweet treat to keep in the freezer).  I also have a lemon and an opened carton of sour cream so this.  (If I didn’t use those things in the fridge, that would just be wasteful.)

I bought a couple bird feeders to join the suet cakes in the backyard.  Watching the birds while I wash dishes is my favorite.

Favorite TV show: The Americans on FX.  (If you have Amazon Prime, you can stream the first three seasons.)  The main characters are Russian spies who live as a seemingly normal American family in the 1980s.  It’s a bit slow at times but the premise as a whole keeps me engaged and watching more.

So The Boyfriend is gone for the weekend.  (At a pinball convention.  Of course.)  In preparation for a whole weekend at home, I got movies.  (Three that The Boyfriend would never want to watch willingly.)  I got groceries.  I got wine.  (My favorite: Francis Coppola Claret.) I got projects.  (Oh, boy, do I have projects.  Thread spool garlandMagazine clipping organization.  Quilts.  Embroidery hook thread holder.  The spoons mentioned above.) I got four loads of laundry already done, and my pressure-cooked eggs and oatmeal in the fridge for the upcoming week.  Sure, I miss The Boyfriend when he’s gone geeking out with other pinball enthusiasts, but by golly gee, I get a lot done.

That’s all I got.  Okay.  Bye.



A tale of two irons.

5 Apr

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times in the sewing room.  It was the age of many sewing projects, the age of ironing a lot.  And I recently learned that I was doing it all wrong.


Say hello to Vintage Sunbeam.  She comes with this awesome wrapped blue cord.  It’s the cord that sold me on it.  I stole borrowed it from the boyfriend who had scored it for $2 at Goodwill.  (In exchange, I gave him my newer, steam-impaired Sunbeam to use the one time a year he uses an iron.)

Vintage Sunbeam and I.  We were happy together.  Ironing wrinkles and folds.  Ironing sewn seams.  We were a happy pair … but, it turns out, only because of my limited iron knowledge.  I didn’t know how much better I could do.

My friend, Sabrina, opened my eyes.  She had bought a new iron.  She researched and landed on a Rowenta … with 300 holes on the plate.  300 holes!  I witnessed its power and steam, I went home, and I counted the holes on Vintage Sunbeam’s plate.  36.  36 holes.  My face fell in disappointment.  The seed of discord had been planted; our relationship only went downhill after that.

I bought new curtains for my bedroom.  Clearance $6 curtains.  (Target aisle-end-cap score!)  I wanted to iron them and hang them up as soon as I could.   But I soon learned that Vintage Sunbeam wasn’t up to the task.  Try as she might, she couldn’t adequately iron the folds out of the curtain.  I had to wash them and let the dryer do the work.IMG_5441

From that point, it was over.  We had to break up.  I needed a new iron in my life.  And it was only after a new 300-hole iron arrived in the sewing room that I realized ironing didn’t have to be so hard!  With Vintage Sunbeam, it was work to iron.  With Shiny New Rowenta, it’s a breeze.  (Can you see all the holes?!  >>>>>)

My relationship with Vintage Sunbeam was no longer making me happy.  She still sits in the sewing room because she’s pretty.  But as long as Shiny New Rowenta is working, she will be the one on the ironing table.  I am hopeful that our relationship will be long and happy.

Friday Favorites.

1 Apr

friday favorites

Hey, peeps.  You made it.  Happy Friday!

A favorite moment: There was visitation last night for a funeral being held at the church today.  A dear member, Kenny, died, and somehow, I rank pretty high in his granddaughter’s world.  She’s a third grader, she lives in Des Moines (so I’ve only seen her a handful of times), and she met me at the door of the funeral home with a hug. (And then later told me I couldn’t leave because I was her babysitter.  Okay?)

Lately, I’ve been plugging away on a tshirt quilt.  While I spend time in the sewing room, I watch tv.  Often something that doesn’t require my full attention.  Lately?  Gilmore Girls reruns that I’ve seen three hundred times.  It’s oh-so-exciting that Netflix is bringing it back with some new episodes AND I learned about this tonight.  A Gilmore Girls cookbook?  Yes, please.

On Sunday, Dave & I watched The Big Short while eating our Easter lasagna.  It was clever.  It was funny.  It was educational.  It was goooood.  Lindsay seal of approval.  (Dave seal of approval too.  And not just because he spotted a pinball machine in the background of a couple scenes.  And then had to rewind, analyze, rewind, pause, research online, stand five inches from the television for a closer look, and email a guy about the name of the mystery game.  I’m not even kidding.)

The first bike ride of the season is in the books!  It wasn’t terribly long because it wasn’t terribly warm; just a jaunt to Kwik Trip for supper supplies and a quick ride around the neighborhood.  But still – a sign of bike rides to come!

Aldi.  Seriously, people.  I stopped quick yesterday and bought the following: a 5lb. bag of red potatoes, two pounds of strawberries, bananas, a carton of raspberries, a pound of fresh green beans, and a bag of their organic popcorn.  Total: $10 and some change.  So wonderful.  (And then I stopped somewhere else and accidentally bought a package of paper straws BUT THAT’S NOT REALLY IMPORTANT.  Shh.)

Not my favorite this week: folding laundry, early mornings, Daddy’s Home, the spider in my bathroom, and how my hair is looking awfully frumpy these days.  #curlyhairproblemz

Lastly, I saw this on facebook and it made me lol.  Probably because I have been a victim.


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