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dawn and mr.darcy.

24 Oct
The corn in my backyard was harvested yesterday evening.  With the corn gone, my morning view has improved.  I woke up to this scene this morning:

Which couldn’t help but remind me of this scene from Pride & Prejudice.  I kept waiting for my Mr.Darcy to walk across the field towards me.  [No luck.]  As gal pal, Sara, commented on my facebook post about the photo [profanity warning]: … did your secret love interest’s bitchy aunt just come and try to forbid you from accepting a marriage proposal?  Is that why you were up that early and wandering through a foggy field?  [if you know the movie as well as Sara and I – or really just at all – that should make perfect sense]

fun photos.

7 Oct
I went to the Blooming football game and stood next to this guy and his pocket friends.
I roasted a chicken with harvest vegetables and fresh thyme.  It’s decided that I love sweet potatoes. 

Jesus is My Coach.  I found these gems in a church supply catalog.  Because this is how I play sports – envisioning Jesus right next to me.  Jesus is cool, athletic, and a ball hog.

This is on the short pillar leading up to the parsonage.  I’m still not sure what word to use to describe its presence.

This is what Red Oak Grove looks like at night.  A cross on fire.  Begin debate of red cross now.  [This filtered photo can’t help but bring KKK thoughts to mind … terrible, Lindsay, terrible.]

a mug routine.

27 Sep
I’ve determined that I’m rooted in routine.  I need routine.  I like routine.
Maybe that’s part of why transition throws me for such a loop.  My routine gets all messy and unknown and mixed up and Lindsay goes loopy.
As I went through my morning routine this morning, I opened the cupboard above my coffee maker and, being the dork that I am, I smiled to myself.  Want to know one of my favorite part of my morning routine?
Deciding which coffee cup I’ll use that day.  

Is it an Office mug day?  [“I *heart* Jim” or “Employee of the year.”]  A Dawson day?  [Preacher gnome or painted gnome scenes.]  A mustache mug or fireworks mug?  [Half of the mustache came off in the dishwasher.  opps.]  Corny/awesome souvenir mugs  from Alaska and Korea?  Choices, choices.  And I love them all.  
There is something about the mug fun and something about the Starbucks french roast [I learned to drink my coffee dark and bold from the best, a la Emily.] that goes inside of it that makes my morning happy.  I love my morning routine.  [Except for that part when I need to wake up and climb out of a cozy bed.  But after that.]

a house tour.

20 Sep
I finally moved the boxes of things I don’t want to unpack right now to one of the empty upstairs bedrooms where I will unpack and dig as needed.  For now, I’m happy to have a box-free downstairs and a living area that actually kinda sorta looks lived in.  It’s still a lot of space – a lot – and lots of carpet to vacuum.  Come play and we’ll do cartwheels or go gnome bowling.

This is the east side of the ‘great room,’ which will become the board game/puzzle/appetizer corner once I buy bar stools.   Scrabble is out and ready for your visit!

The view through the dining room and into the kitchen from the game corner.  I love my expedit shelves from IKEA dearest.

I don’t even know what to call this room – this is the view towards the front door from the ‘great’ room.  Right now it’s empty.  This is where we’d do cartwheels and play gnome bowling.

The other half of the ‘great’ room with my super tiny television.  [It was in my craft room but I found myself wanting to sit out here instead of there.]  

The super awesome wonderful kitchen.  Counter stools will go where the random garbage can is currently sitting.  To do: buy stools.  
I still deprive you of the complete tour – craft room, guest bathroom, and office photos still to come.  Thanks for visiting!


15 Sep
I’m in a good mood and procrastinating, so hows abouts I take you on a tour of my upstairs?  House photos!  The downstairs still needs some help and unpacking before I showcase that part of the abode.  

Upstairs bedroom number one.  Across the hall is another bedroom that is a mirror image.  These rooms sit empty but ready for guests with air mattresses!

My bedroom – a work in progress.  Right now it’s the room with my random rug/random bedside table/random picture frames.  First up will be to make/buy new curtains.

The upstairs bathroom – it’s tiny and cozy and blue and green.

My backyard of corn fields from the upstairs “balcony.”
Here’s a downstairs preview of my favorite kitchen cabinet.  The color makes me happy.

the internet and I meet again.

6 Sep
I’m here!
But that doesn’t mean I have internet at my house or the church.  Let me rephrase –
I’m at Caribou!
It’s been too long and I need the connection … and to pay an online bill.
So, hey.  I moved to Austin!  As I mentioned last night in the mobile post [it was like writing the longest text of my life], congregation members graciously helped me move my life into my new home.  There were many points when I was embarassed at what they had to carry inside.  A. My dish tub of gnomes, topped off by the banana dog.  B. A pile of string.  [my hammock.  but they didn’t know.]  C. etc.  They were great and didn’t ask too many questions, nor did they ask me to leave on the spot.  They’ll learn I’m quirky.  It’s all part of my charm.  [Right?]  They left after getting me settled in with keys and a garage door opener, phone numbers on the fridge and requests to let them know if I need anything.  They’re taking good care of me.  
My family had to leave quite quickly after getting everything inside so I was left to unpack and bask in the square footage of a house that is far more than I currently need.  It’s wonderful.  I didn’t get too many boxes emptied before jD, Lauren, and Paige came over with pizza and beer.  I lack a kitchen table so we sat on the living floor and just talked about life, about how great it is that we are finally all together, and about Harry Potter robes.  Monday was more unpacking, shopping for the basics, and coffee with Mandy, Lori’s daughter who teaches and lives in Austin.  
Today, I went to the office.  [dramatic cue music]  More about that next.
No photos of my house yet – lo siento.  Know that the kitchen is a dream, the dining room is empty except for my gnomes that occupy the built-in curio cabinet [so serious], and the living room looks pretty pathetic too.  My craft room is coming together and my tiny upstairs bathroom is cute as a button.  My favorite thing about my house thus far?  No, not the freaky noises the ice maker makes at night.  I watch the sun rise over a corn field from my bedroom window [though I don’t always think this is so great at six in the morning] and watch it set over a corn field on the other side.  I’m surrounded by corn.   As long as I don’t think about the horror movies that take place in corn fields, I love it.
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