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18 Feb

It’s not Friday but here’s what I’ve been loving lately:

Dreaming about a certain dog, projects and all.

THIS WEATHER.  Sunny.  50s.  I actually opened the patio door yesterday and it was wonderful.  I’m hopeful for a short bike ride tomorrow.  On February 19.

img_6104Today I successfully threaded and used a serger.  It was given to me and it’s sat in a closet for months.  The dream of making cloth napkins (yup. crazy person here.) for the wedding gave me the push to get it out.  It needs to be serviced but I’m so excited.  (After the photo was taken, I learned that  the spool holder needed to be pulled up.  Got it now.)

The MPR news app on my phone.

About four weeks ago, I started taking a yoga class twice a week through Austin Community Education.  I have fallen in love with it.  The course is six weeks long but the instructor decided to offer another session.  Thus, I will continue yoga-ing with a handful of other people on Monday and Thursday evenings for six more weeks once this first course is over.  We spend the last ten minutes laying on the floor in the dark.  It’s pretty great.

Crazy Mom Quilts released another quilting book.  She’s all about scraps to the point it blows my mind.  (I have her first book to credit my gumdrops quilt and Sunday Morning quilt currently on my bed.)

Debating making hundreds of these over the next year to stick everywhere on the day we pick for our wedding.  (Still undecided.)


Warning: Cute puppy photo ahead. 

13 Feb

Dave and I went on Saturday to pick which puppy in the litter would be ours. At three weeks, they were all adorable. We landed on a red-colored male with a white patch on his chest. And he is the most adorable, if-I-don’t-say-so-myself.  We learned that the day he will come to live with me/us is March 21. A Tuesday. 35 days and counting.  In the meantime, the breeder will send us photos of our little guy each week so we can see him grow. (Are you sick of me talking about this puppy yet?)

Meet Doctor Emmett Brown.*

* It is where we have arrived.  How did we arrive here?  Doc Brown = crazy hair on Back to the Future.  Puppy Emmett = crazy curly, fluffy hair. (I do not claim this logic but someone I love does.  I, however, do love Back to the Future. So I’ll go with it.)


8 Feb

fullsizerender-1Let’s rewind three years and some odd weeks.  I got a new message on Match.  Something like this:

I admit I got scared when you said that you are a pastor so I shied away from messaging you before.  (more words … conversation goes back and forth a few times) You sound like a very interesting person that I would like to get to know a little more. I hope I’m not being too forward, but would you like to meet and maybe do a fun activity – bowling?  At the very least, we could walk away friends. 

(Okay. The words weren’t something like this.  Those are exact words.  Because I still have the messages saved in a gmail folder. True story.)

Last Friday night, the boy that sent that message and the girl who received it got engaged. TO BE MARRIED.  Here’s how it went down:

Three or four weeks ago, as we approached the third anniversary of our meeting at the bowling alley, Dave, out of the blue, asked me to go look at rings. My response?  Wha – wait – WHAT?  Silence. Smirk. Confusion.  Hug.  What?!  Okay.  YES.  Insert many days of Lindsay thinking of nothing else and filling her Pinterest wedding board.

We went to look at rings at the local jeweler but nothing quite fit my fancy.  (Quite honestly, they were too fancy.) Afterwards, we out for pizza at the same place we went three years ago. I have the split-screen photo to prove it. (Yes, I’m a sap.)

I found a few rings I liked online. Dave purchased one and it was shipped to his house via UPS with a signiature required upon delivery.  Tracking information was delivered to Dave and, naturally, it was scheduled to be delivered while he was out of town for work. Practical people we are, I worked from his house that day and signed for my own ring. (Why not.) I promised him I wouldn’t open it; I put it in a drawer, and left.

I knew the first night I saw him once he was back in town it would happen. We both were excited – after weeks of knowing it was coming – to share the news and move to the next phase of planning.  So after I got crabby at him because he was fiddling with his trailer so he could leave early the next day to pick up a pinball machine or two (A glimpse of married life to come?)  … after we made supper … after it got really awkward because we both knew the moment was coming … after we started giggling … he asked me.

And that’s when we learned the jewelry store sent a 5 instead of an 8.5.  Boo. It fit on my pinky. (It’s currently been sent away. One that fits should return next week. Until then, my hand feels naked.) We called our mothers, both of whom concluded the conversations by saying, “I love you both.”  (Aww.  Lovely.)

We’re looking at early summer 2018 in Wisconsin, meeting our families a bit closer to where they are.  We are pretty darn excited.

Throw pillow genius. 

7 Feb

I made new Valentine throw pillows for my couch tonight. They cost $2.99 each (plus the batting I already had).  That’s a cheap pillow!  

This genius tip is all thanks to Mama Leanne.  Years ago, while browsing the aisles of Target, she realized that many of their placemats are two pieces of fabric sewn together with only an outside seam.  Do you know what that means?Take your seam ripper. Open up one of those side seams a couple inches. Stuff the inside with batting. Sew the seam up by hand.  Ta da. A $3, ten minute throw pillow. Seriously. I’ve made Christmas pillows from placemats. Easter pillows from placemats. And now – Valentine’s Day pillows from placemats. Thanks, Target. 

Also. Speaking of Valentine’s Day,  love, and hearts, I’m engaged. TO BE MARRIED. (Say what?!)  That story to follow in the next couple days. ❤️

Puppy update.

23 Jan

Here’s the update: the bernedoodle pup plan I mentioned ended up not panning out.  It’s okay.

It’s okay.

Because The Boyfriend, through a wonderful, awesome work connection, got us on a list for a litter of f1b goldendoodles.  (F1B = goldendoodle + poodle.  As Dave would say: extra fluffy.  As Lindsay would say: zero shedding.)  Bless his heart, he didn’t want me to have to wait any longer and thought my dream dog should be my next dog.  (And he’s super excited too.)

The puppies were born yesterday!  We are #6 on a list for eight puppies so the gender/color that will come home with us is not yet known.  But they’re here!  And one will come to live with me/Dave towards the end of March.  (Shared custody-ish?  Mostly with me.  But probably some back and forth, house to house, as schedules need.)

So super excited.fullsizerender9

2016 finishes.

2 Jan


It’s been a busy sewing year.

Top, left to right: a massive (aka hard to take a picture of) tshirt quilt for The Boyfriend (We paid someone to quilt it.  No way could I do that heavy, big quilt on my machine!); my weekender tote with yellow flamingos; a baby girl quilt for baby girl Kelsey (daughter of a Banana) full of farm fancies that are hard to see – chicken wire, eggs, and farm scenes.  (Note for 2017: Improve photography of quilts.)

Middle, left to right: a low volume quilt that now resides on my bed (Ironically, the pattern name is “Sunday morning,” the one morning I can’t stay in my bed any too long.); a set of quilts for a set of baby boys; Legendary, a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, completed just in time for my younger brother’s Christmas gift (a quilt I can barely believe I pulled off).

Bottom, left to right: a nautical baby quilt for another Banana baby; a set of throw pillows for my aunts made out of Grandpa Sid’s overalls; a baby quilt with Japanese flair for a baby who calls Japan her current home.


I’ve already began cutting fabric for a quilt for my older brother, which will be his delayed Christmas present.  While I wait for a fabric order to arrive for that quilt, I pulled out some blocks I made in years past; perhaps this is the year that the piles of red and blue half square triangles get sewn together.  There will undoubtedly be a few baby quilts to be made and there is a pile of Christmas fabric waiting to be made into a Christmas quilt (hopefully by next holiday season).  There are also oodles of scraps begging to be made into something.  There is never a shortage of sewing to be done!fullsizerenderimg_6021


2017: Quilting & a Doodle.

31 Dec

Two words for the new year.  Quilting and a Doodle.

First, quilting.  Remember how I told you last time that I did something crazy upon returning to Austin?  I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  The opportunity presented itself and I seized it.  And so, in November, I’ll be heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a weekend quilt retreat called Glamp Stitchalot hosted by Pink Castle Fabrics, one of my favorite modern quilt shops.  And I’m so incredibly, absolutely excited.

It’s a weekend that often sells out – its 150 slots fill pretty quickly.  I got an email announcing the dates and ticket sales and I jumped on it.  I might be a bit out of league skill-wise and money-wise, but I will make it work.  I’ll account for it in my upcoming months’ budgets (Maybe that’s cheating a bit, eh, Dave Ramsey?) and perhaps find a way to rent a sewing machine/borrow my mom’s so as not to show up with my super noisy $99 Kenmore.

Second, doodle.  By the time I head to MI in November, my doodle will be ten months old.  (Hopefully.  The doodle isn’t born yet.  Cart before horse.)  If all goes as planned, I’ll be bringing home a doodle puppy in March.  It’s been the plan since Mabel died in July – to get another dog eventually – and the opportunity presented itself through church connections.

The original plan was a goldendoodle but when the golden retriever didn’t want to be any kind of friend with the poodle, that plan changed.  This doodle that I will call my own will be a bernedoodle – a cross between a poodle and Bernese Mountain dog.  Oof.  Big dog.  Hopefully low-shedding dog.  I’ve started to prepare – new dog kennel (I never had one with Mabel.), toys (Christmas presents from Mom & Jeff!), gathering of tips from other puppy owners, potential name (Luna Lovegood) – and I’m getting so. darn. excited.

Missing: My dedication to this blog.

30 Dec

But that’s nothing new.

Let me catch you up a bit.  (And then expect another post or two over the holiday weekend.)

Hoping your Christmas was merry.  Mine was a bit of a blur.  Celebrations started early in the month with The Boyfriend’s work holiday party.  I sewed my own dress.  (Hey.  I sew dresses now.  That’s new.  The holiday gnome dress is the third that I’ve made with the Washi dress pattern.  It has pockets!  More to come – likely coordinating with holiday themes.)  img_5983

As I prepared to sew the dress (I’d had the fabric forever but it wasn’t until the morning of the party that I started to sew.), I wondered … if I had extra fabric and time to make a matching tie, would Dave wear it?  You betcha.  Absolutely no arm twisting necessary.  (I wore the dress again Christmas Eve.  Dave came to church in the matching tie.)

After the holiday party, it was soon time for me to host the church council Christmas party at the parsonage.  And then it was the Christmas program.  And then trying my darndest to visit the 25 homebound members on my list.  And then a million bulletins for Christmas.  Some frantic Christmas sewing.  And then –

A deep breath.  Christmas afternoon was a nap, lazy lasagna, and movies.  The next day I retreated to my mom’s for four nights.  Siblings, extended family, friends.  Reading for fun.  A little shopping.  It was quite delightful.

As of today, I’m back in Austin.  Unpacking, cleaning, prepping for a week back at work.  I also did something a bit crazy upon my return.  Stay tuned for that.  *insert winky emoji*

End-of-vacation blues.

1 Oct

You know what I mean?

Tonight marks the end of a week away and, frankly, I’m in denial.  I’m not ready to return to the hustle, bustle, and stress of work.  (And, oh, this week is a full one!)  I’m not ready.  But tomorrow morning will come all the same.  (And it will be a good morning as our confirmation kiddos will lead worship!)

I’ve already told you about the first part of my vacation – reconnecting with my best Bananas.  Part two was a cold adventure: camping.

The location: Great River Bluffs State Park in Winona.  At the park, there were seven overlooks to hike to; we checked them all off the list.
The tunnel: A part of the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail.  (A converted railway.  Super fun tunnels – they are so dark inside you need a flashlight and must walk your bike.)
The mug: I like a good play on words.  I found it on Etsy.
Best campfire meal: Pizza in a pudgy pie makers.
The average overnight temperature: A chilly 48 degrees.
Nights spent: 3.  We reserved for 4 but skipped out early.  (It was cold!)

Banana Weekend.2016

25 Sep

You may know that my high school friends and I call ourselves the Dancing Bananas.  If this is new to you, it stems back to our early high school days when performing in a talent show, and we needed a group name for the program.  Don’t ask me how we arrived at a yellow fruit getting jiggy with it, but we did.  It’s stuck ever since.

It’s been 14 years since we graduated and we are pretty great at staying in touch via email.  But it was time for an in-person gathering.  After months of saving the weekend, weeks of planning, five of the seven Dancing Bananas arrived at the Wilderness at the Lake in Wisconsin Dells this past Friday.  And it was all things a gathering of dancing fruit should be.

We laughed until we cried.  We laughed all weekend about frickin’ gourds, ticking me with feet, and Moroccan carrot.  (You had to have been there.)  We shared our favorite things. (We each bought something that is our favorite to give to each in the group.  I gave Method kitchen spray and paper straws.  I received makeup, hair product, appetizer plates, and a banana necklace.).  We played in the wave pool and lazy river.  We ate bananas.  We tried to finish the timed challenges at Wizard Quest (and failed).  We walked the WI Dells strip, sat on a patio for a drink, and later played laser tag.  We shopped at the outlet mall and ate cold, leftover pizza in the parking lot before driving our separate ways.

And it was all the best.  It was simply good for the soul to be with friends that date back to high school and earlier.  (I’ve been friends with Kim and Krissy since kindergarten!)  We talked about life, work, relationships, dreams.  We were silly, serious, and everything in between.  Good for the soul indeed.

Like I mentioned earlier, the bunch wasn’t complete.  We were missing two of our friends who we hope will join us next year or the year after.  This weekend-away-with-girlfriends must become a tradition.

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