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Thanksgiving Favorites.

29 Nov

It’s the Thanksgiving edition of Friday Favorites.  Hoping you all had a wonderful day yesterday of turkey, family, and fun.  We certainly did!


I drove home on Wednesday afternoon with Herbert Butterfield, the inflatable penguin, as my copilot.  We received one pretty intense double-take on I-90.  Worth it.

Like predicted, the bake-off competition yesterday was neck-in-neck.  Who won?  Well, we never actually voted.  We’ve gotten pretty relaxed in the last years about actually voting and this year it was simply about the fun of it.  There were four entries in this international competition – Kenya, Brazil, Finland, and Israel were all represented in delicious desserts.


My cousin, Connor, invited six Brazilian friends home with him from college.  They are in the states, going to Roosevelt University for a year, basically to learn English.  Some of their English was a little rocky but it was fun to have them with us!  I secretly kinda hope they might come home and join us for Christmas too.  Here they are, along with the other bake-off entries and bakers:

We also whipped out the chalkboard word bubble.  What are you thankful for?  [I’m thankful for my 16 year old cousin, Sam, who absolutely refused to do the word bubble.  Why do you have to bring that, Lindsay?  Why do you still have that?  It’s stupid, Lindsay.  I’m thankful for his blatant honesty.  Ha.]

Want to hear my favorite Thanksgiving story?  We always play a card game together – a game called 31.  It’s an easy enough game for the younger cousins to join in and the winner gets a whole bunch of quarters.  [Which was always very enticing in my college laundry days.]  This year, cousin Logan really wanted to play for the first time so I volunteered to be his partner/teacher/calculator.


In the middle of the game, this is how the conversation went:

Logan: [pointing to the rings I wear on my index finger]  Are those all rings?
Me: Yup.  There are three.
[processing … processing …]
Logan: Who are you married to?
Me: No one.
Logan: Seriously?

Yes.  Logan.  Seriously.  I’m one week away from 30 and I’m married to no one.  Thank you for reminding me.

Then we colored turkeys on unused bulletin covers.  The end.


Lefse, fist bumps, and Doctor Who.

25 Nov

That was my weekend – lefse and fist bumps and Doctor Who.  Sounds pretty high on the awesome scale, right?  It was.


On Saturday, I packed up my lefse griddle and pastry board and drove to Owatonna for a midday lefse adventure.  My gnome friends invited me over to cook rounds of potato goodness.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday.  Laughter and potatoes.  Sabrina wrote about it on her blog and gives a better summary of the day than I could ever muster – check it out here.

On Sunday, there were fist bumps.  So I’m sick.  My cold keeps progressing through different stages and yesterday was the tickle-in-my-throat stage.  Ugh.  Because of my sickness, I try and model germ-free ways to greet each other and share the peace during worship; thus, I did not shake hands.  [I think it’s silly to suspend the passing of the peace in the winter.  Let’s share peace in other ways: wave, elbows, fist bumps, peace sign.  Endless possibilities.]  For the sharing of the peace, I waved.  Then, at the close of service, as I greeted people in the back, I fist bumped everyone.  It was hilarious.  One of the ushers, a twenty-something, said afterwards, That was the funniest thing I’ll see all day.  Old people learning to fist bump.  To their credit, they were all very receptive and fist bumped like pros.  [And, let’s face it, I added to their list.  #49 on their list of Why My Pastor is Crazy and Weird.]

Lastly, Doctor Who.  I get it.  I finally get it.  Doctor Who gets lots of hype these days, especially this past weekend with an anniversary special and all.  I’ve tried for a long time to watch the show.  I want to be in the know; I want to follow the crowd and love the thing that everyone else loves.  [Wait a second …]  Months ago, friends recommended that I start at the beginning.  Okay.  I did … but I didn’t get it.  Turns out that was because they didn’t mean start at the 1960s beginning but the Christopher Eccleston beginning.  That made a difference.  I just made it through his tenure at Doctor and have begun David Tennant’s … and I get it.  I like it.  I’m going to keep watching while I quilt my British flag hexagon quilt.  It feels fitting that most of it be constructed while watching the BBC.


22 Nov

It’s Friday.  phew.  I’m ready for a weekend.  We’re going to blame a current cold on my constant-tiredness and inability to complete anything.  I’m ready to sleep.  But before I do that –

Just in case you missed it hidden in my post yesterday – Dinovember.

My elder brother and younger sister were exchanging photos like these on facebook this week – photoshop animal hybrid mashups.  Confused?  Best just to click the link.  Seriously.

For all my Harry Potter friends, Neville Longbottom is the most important character in the series.  Discuss.

I want to make a scrappy Christmas throw pillow!  And scrappy Christmas stockings!

I’m intrigued by these – pear and pistachio scones.  Hmm.

As a sort of update, I made the cranberry-orange rolls as featured in last week’s Friday Favorites.  They were a hit.  Delicious as anything Smitten Kitchen is.  I also made black bean pizza [featured in a previous FF] this past week which also was quite tasty.  Oh, and I made these cakepops to send off to a birthday party for two awesome one year olds –


Happy weekend-ing!

In one week –

21 Nov

Family, friends, turkey.  It’s all happening in one week on Thanksgiving day.  I’ll hop in the car on Wednesday and be home for the festivities; it’s the one major holiday of which I can spend the whole day at home.

And it’s an important one because this is also the holiday which features the Thanksgiving Day Bake-Off.  Very important.  Critical.  Crucial.  This is serious stuff, dudes.

This year will mark – gosh – the seventh annual bake-off?  [We took a year off last year because Connor was in Ghana.  A good enough excuse, I suppose.]  This year we’re back.  The theme?   A dessert from another country.

Game on.  However, there may be some contestants who have a leg up in this competition.  Connor, a student at Roosevelt in Chicago, is bringing home some international friends from Brazil this Thanksgiving.  They’ll be joining our family in celebrating and will also be entering desserts.  Connor says they’ve been practicing. Oh, dear.  Competition is stiff this year.  Stiff.

I know what I’m going to make.  I know that it has to travel well, as mine will have to be made here before I travel home.  Also know that my dessert will nod to the other holiday celebrated this Thanksgiving – a holiday celebrated by our Jewish friends.  It will also be delicious.  That’s a guarantee.

Who will get their name on the coveted Thanksgiving Bake-Off apron?  Goodness, the anticipation!  I’ll keep you posted.

[Just as a slight aside: I love this shit.  I love crazy, random traditions.  I was ready to facebook Connor and call it off this year; I don’t have a whole lot of extra time in the coming week.  But, no.  It’s a tradition and it’s fun and a little bit crazy.  My grandma will unpack the apron and hang it on display.  We’ll make it a big to-do and it’s fun.  Love it.  You can bet that when/if I have a family of my own, our holidays will be filled with crazy, random shit like this.  Like this – Dinovember.  Those parents are my heros.]

Friday Favorites.

15 Nov

Look out, world.  It’s Friday night.  I have a bottle of wine and the pandora dance pop station playing.  I just vacuumed and baked two cakes.  Things are ca-razy here.  Friday night.  Woot.

So favorites –

I’m serving coffee hour this coming Sunday with another woman.  I’m making these [salted caramel bars] and these [lemon bars].  Maybe some special k bars too [with the mandatory butterscotch in the frosting].  Those will be tomorrow’s project.

One of my favorite quilters that I stalk online and thus feel like we are best friends already – a gal named Jessica who english-paper-pieces-like-awesome-crazy – is hosting a quilting retreat next summer.  In Greece.  On an island.  If only …

Cranberry orange breakfast buns?  I think yes, smitten kitchen.  A thousand times yes.

Are you a handmade gift kind of giver?  Here are 75 inexpensive gifts to make.

I’ve rediscovered an old favorite this past week.  Pilates.  I love pilates.  Turns out Hulu Plus has a variety of 20 minute pilate videos as a part of their morning wake up series.  They’re fun; just ask my core.

I LOVE Advent calendars.  It’s the perfect combination of holiday, tradition, and crafting.  I remember going down to my Grandma Vera’s to open her Advent calendar on various days in December.  [And then eating sponge candy which she kept in a giant bucket in her lazy susan cupboard.  The best.] Here are 35 Advent calendars to make.  This year at ROG we are going to attempt the paper plate Advent calendar.  It should be super awesome.

Lastly – some weekend words of wisdom:recite-27949-1591629159-1yxc67w

Go be a party.

Why being an introvert makes me want to nap on the floor.

13 Nov

Do you ever look at the floor and think, Hey, floor.  I want to lay down on you right now.

I’m there.  I’m at that point.  I’m exhausted and the floor looks so … so … nice.

Monday was a three meeting day that lasted into the evening.  Yesterday was a three meeting day that lasted into the evening.  Today is a care-center-worship-and-confirmation-day that will last into the evening.  I’m exhausted, physically and introvert-wise.

But mostly introvert-wise.  Which makes me think of this buzzfeed list I saw earlier this week: 27 problems only introverts will understand.  I heartily echo nearly all of them.  And happily adopt the phrase from number two as an explanation of why strangers tell me to smile.  [Can I also adopt the man in number two as my cuddle buddy while I nap on the floor?]

Thankfully, tomorrow is only a one meeting day that will not go into the evening.  You will find me at home recharging my introvert juices all night.  Until then, the floor still looks tempting …

A photo for Monday.

11 Nov

Last night, my younger brother posted a photo to facebook from the trip my mom, sister, and I took to visit him over the summer.  Take me back – now, please – to kayaking on a glacial lake outside of Valdez.  See that valley of ice to the right of me?  It’s a glacier.  nbd.  Sometimes it’s still hard to realize that my brother lives there, in the midst of gorgeous scenery each and every day.  [Then I remember that he also deals with hundreds of inches of snow a winter and constant darkness for part of the year.  And then I’m okay only visiting every other year in the summer months.]


Sister Em and I



Here’s how today went:

10 Nov

First, church.  Ho hum, ho hum.  It was okay.  I was a little off … and so was the congregation.  I NEVER have to tell them to stand for the alleluia before the gospel; they automatically do it.  Except for today.  It was weird.  But so it was.

After church, I ate a quick lunch and then was off to the Blooming Prairie High School production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  It was delightful and full of laughs.  When leaving, I ran into a couple that I married last summer – one of the most delightful couples ever.  They don’t live nearby and so I don’t often see them at church.  She saw me and didn’t even hesitate before she gave me a big hug.  She’s so awesome.

I came home and all I wanted was a nap.  I was tired from the moment I got up this morning – probably a combination of cold-stuffy-stuff and the fact that hanging out with three kids named Carter, Penelope, and Graham yesterday afternoon wore. me. out.  [How do you parents do it?]  We did play some epic legos though.  Legos these days have awesome hair.


Right.  So I was tired.  It was only 3:30 but I promptly put on my flannel pajama pants and settled in on the couch.

*knock, knock, knock*

Sigh.  It was my fun fifth grade neighbor.  She was delivering fundraising goodies.  And then her dad and brother needed the church unlocked for a cub scout meeting. Across the parking lot I trotted in my blue pajama pants, unlocked the door, and then back to the parsonage.  When Mabel decided to run away.  Twice.

Which led to Lindsay trotting down the road – in her pajama pants and slippers – to search for her dog.  Twice.  I bet I looked awesome.

Neighbor girl: Why are you in your pajamas?
Me: Do you think it’s too early for pajamas?
Neighbor girl: Well … kinda …

The neighbor girl wanted to chat for a bit.  We sat on the stoop until it got too chilly and home she walked.  And that, my friends, is how today went, no nap and all.

Friday Favorites.

8 Nov

Here we go –

DIY party poppers, anyone?  Or Christmas crackers as I grew up calling them.  Maybe I’ll start gathering items to make them for Christmas this year.

This black bean pizza with whole wheat crust will make it in my meal rotation at some point.

I think this is funny: How to be interesting at a dinner party.

I LOVE this tshirt quilt.  I have a stack of college tshirts just waiting for the day to be made into a quilt.  I love the incorporation of scrappy fabric in this one!

This pin was my inspiration to liquid starch six yards of fabric to my entryway.  It took less than three hours and about $20, and I’m in love with the result.

photo-4Goodness.  I think that’s all for me.  Have a good weekend!  


A thursday giggle.

7 Nov

I received this magnet in the mail, direct from friends who recently had traveled to Las Vegas.  *cue giggles*


And seems to me, I recall a song about gnomes written to this tune already … one of the many wonderful ways the gnome folk of Dawson sent me off at the end of internship over three years ago.  Sing along here.

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