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off to lacrosse.

6 Nov
I blogged here today.

And now I’m off for the southeastern Minnesota synod fall theological conference until Tuesday.
Translation: Paige, jD, and I are going to LaCrosse.  [Together, of course.]  We will listen to a key speaker, worship with all other SE MN synod pastors, stay in a hotel, and go pastor crazy.  For us, that might mean a board game and a couple large cranberry juices.  Watch out.
Mabel is being boarded for the first time while I’m away.  This pastor may shed a tear or two if the parting is full of sorrow.  But I think she may have fun.
And now I leave you with the text I preached on today for All Saint’s Sunday:

See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and that is what we are.  The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.  Beloved, we are God’s children now; what we will be has not yet been revealed.  What we do know is this: when he is revealed, we will be like him, for we will see him as he is.  And all who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure.  [1 John 3:1-3]

It’s time.

1 Nov

Last year I participated in this thankful blogging effort with my DB [Dancing Banana] friend, Jen at After the Chapel and lots of other awesome thankful bloggers through Rachel at No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane.  It’s time again!  Here’s the gist of it:
On each Wednesday of the month in November, I will write a thank you note to a person for whom I am thankful and put that baby in the mailbox..
On each Thursday of the month, I will write a blog post about the person to whom I wrote.
Ta da!  Thankfulness!  
You don’t have to have a blog to participate either.  This November [and really, all year long] be thankful for the people in your lives!
Check out who I wrote to last year here, here, here, and here.

29 Oct
I had mentioned briefly before that I was caught up in a new website for ROG.  I was finding the former website format to be incredibly difficult to update and use; it was a confusing program.  Away with that, I said.  The fact that the website was hard to update and edit [an out-of-date website is the worst] and the fact that the church was paying a fair bit of money for the site led me to the user-friendly [and free] WordPress option.
And viola.   A new church website.  You are welcome to check it up, keep tabs on the pastor, and read the blog that is a part of it.  It’s a blog that I hope to update with cool stories, holy moments, and guest bloggers.  It’s a work in progress.  Let me know what you think.


28 Oct

Change is good.  I think I may grow a mustache. 

[obscure Princess Diaries II quote]
It’s how I feel.  My brain and my being need change.
Facing resistance to changing a few things in the church, I’ll change my blog.
That’s not entirely true.  I have encountered those people who say, “I don’t like change!” but I’ve also encountered those who are supportive of it.  As Linda, one of the synod ministers in SE MN would say, “I don’t want to go to the bathroom outside again.  Change is good.”
I attended a conference pastor’s meeting last week and the program was on brain research.  Our brains need change in order to function at their potential.  When I stand in worship and lead the same confession and forgiveness each week, my brain screams for me.  I need to break routine.
And so, come Advent, changes will be made.  Perhaps small and slight at first but they will be changes still.  Until then, my brain needed a little blog change too.  It’s simple and not cluttered.  The background may change with my mood [a emotion indicator a la mood rings?] and other things may go or come back. For now, it’s something new and I’m taking a liking to it.
[Blogger makes it easy though.  If you are opposed to said layout change, simply click on the far left of the top bar where it says “magazine.”  From there, you can choose to view the blog in classic view, flip car – another favorite – or in other manners.  Experiment with as little or as much change as you desire.  If only change in worship could be so catering.]

I forgot to mention –

9 Sep
I’m still internet-less at home and at church so regular posting will still be on hold.  [And get this – we likely won’t have internet for another week!  Thank goodness for my iphone.  Without it, I’d be insane right about now.]  I post now from the Austin Public Library.  I think I’m in love – not with the red head who is a few tables behind me but with the library as a whole.  I think in my next life I want to be a librarian and be constantly surrounded by books.
I’m at a table that overlooks Mill Pond, a table with my very own surge protector and lamp.  There is free wi-fi and watch me sign up for a library card so I can check out dvds.  [I have never taken much advantage of public libraries and only recently have I realized what a shame that is.  Libraries have tons of dvds to rent and – wait for it – they’re free.  I scoped out the section at this library before I sat down and see they have lots of tv shows on dvd.  Which one should I begin?]
I have a sermon to finish.  My mom and sister arrive tomorrow around lunch time and hopes are that I won’t need to work on it while they are here.  [We have shopping to do and picture frames to hang!]  I think this library may easily become a favorite spot of mine.

in blog’s honor –

31 Aug
In honor of there’s no place like gnome‘s birthday today, I will host a fictional party to celebrate.

Would you like to come?
Oh, you forgot to rsvp?
[awkward silence followed by awkward laughter]
Just kidding!  There is no rsvp for this fictional party that I just made up for something that isn’t even tangibly real.  Come on over!  [But do bring your 3D glasses!]

Here’s the best – as I see it – of pinterest partying:

Source: None via Lindsay on Pinterest

happy birthday!

31 Aug

Happy birthday to you/happy birthday to you/happy birthday dear BLOG/happy birthday to you!

My blog baby – there’s no place like gnome at – turns two today!  Two!  Put on your 3D glasses and party hats and you could come celebrate with this dork on the left!

[I forgot to remember to celebrate her birthday last year.  what a bad blog host am I.]

Two years ago to this day was the summer night that I arrived in Dawson for my year-long internship.  [Here is the first ever post on gnomepreacher.]  The intern committee had helped me move into my apartment and taken me out for dinner.  I returned to my home-to-be for that year – oh, parkview apartments – and [dramatic pause] began to blog.  Gnomepreacher was born out of dreams to communicate with family and friends in Wisconsin while I lived on the prairie for a year, but she’s grown into a lot more.  
Since then, the blog has been with me through thick and thin.  It has shared with you joys and sorrows, losses and gains; many corny videos and even more gnome stories.  A trip to Alaska, friendly tales of polar plunges, and transitions aplenty.  Cakepops, macarons, and hamballs. The blog – through story and the infinite interweb – has connected me to people in strange and really wonderful ways.  
Blogging is never a chore for me.  It’s not unusual that when I’m away from my computer, I’ll write posts in my head, some of which are published, others of which are not.  I feel grounded in my writing and in the sharing.  If there is a day or – gasp! – three when I don’t blog, it feels like something is missing.  I love doing this.
Once more, I thank you for reading.  Even when I forget to say thank you, know that I’m grateful that you share in this with me. You share in and take interest in the stories I live and write.  If I were not in the middle of moving and packing, I might have yelled cakepops for all!  But I am moving and packing [or at least am supposed to be]… so not really.  Cakepop false alarm.  
Happy birthday, blog.  To many more.

links for the wkend.

15 Apr
Start here for a post that I wrote on armpits.  [You so want to click that link, don’t you?  I knew it.]
Then, let’s talk about this – homemade candy buttons!  I LOVE candy buttons!  
[Not so much the taste of them at all but they certainly are pretty.]

How simple and genius is this?

I think I love shutters.  Both for this use below and for this.

I want to make this wreath.  And these.  [Good thing there are pictures because that is a language I do not understand!]  Okay.  These too.

And what do you think of this?  Cake batter bark!  Nom nom nom.

Now I must nap in preparation of a happy dinner party this evening and a weekend of thesis-izing/textile garage sale-ing.  Happy weekending, friends!

the things I dream about.

31 Mar
Last week, I had this really wacky dream.  I was somehow cast to be the substitute on a hockey team.  [Note: I can’t skate even the tiniest bit.]  The game was in overtime [Is it even called overtime in hockey?  Hint at how little I know about this sport I play in my dreams.] and time is going in super slow motion.  As people skate about the rink, I think to myself, “Which goal is ours?  Did it switch?  I don’t remember …” as I search wildly for any kind of clues.  Suddenly – or as suddenly as things go in slow motion – the puck is in my possession.  *insert naughty word*  WHICH GOAL IS MY TEAM’S?  *insert naughty word*  I still don’t know so I take my best guess.  Naturally, I guessed wrong.  The team lost on my account.  I woke up feeling absolutely terrible and being reminded why I cannot bear to play competitive team sports; I fear I will let people down.  [Hello, Enneagram #2.]
While that is apparently what I dream of while wrapped in my warm quilts at night, not quite where I intend this blog post to dawdle.  [Unless you want to hear about my dream of yellow shoes made of jell-o.  That’s a classic.]  Here are the other things I dream of, while my eyes are still open –
A hammock between two trees.  Wherever I end up once my time is seminary is spent, may there be two trees close enough together to match the length of my Mexico hammock.  Please, God, please.  [I may need to invest in these to hang it more securely.  Right now, it’s always a guessing game of how quickly the hammock with drape to the-butt-touching-ground height with slippery rope.]
Time to get lost in a book.  [A friend posted this on facebook.  It is wonderfully written, and captures my childhood love affair with books; a love affair I hope to rekindle once not a full-time student.  If you’re a reader – or if you date one/are married to one, certainly click on over.]
That my thesis would write itself OR at least give me the time and energy to do so.
My future craft room.  Seriously.  

Visit me!

25 Mar
I’m blogging over at Steeples and Stilettos today.  Jump on over to that collaborative blog and all of your questions about this photo will be answered —
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