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more mabel.

31 Oct
Remember when I warned you that you’d be sorry I ever got a dog because she would be all I would blog about?  Let it begin.
Here’s the latest Mabel update via photo:
Lindsay caved.  She can lay on the couch now.

Sometimes I sleep like this.

The LBW and NIB make lovely pillows for a PD [pastor’s dog].

gray & yellow.

31 Oct
Since moving in, my bedroom is the one room that has received zero attention.
It’s time to change that.  I want it to be a happy place.
We’re beginning with paint.  [I’ve never really painted a room.  bathroom stalls?  yes.  giant fiberglass turtles and frogs?  yes.  bedrooms?  today we attack – rollers, blue tape, and all.]

And using this pinterest board as inspiration.  Gray and yellow is the goal.
[however I talked to my mom tonight and I’m worried now that my gray will look purple or blue instead of gray.  time will tell.]

a church home of many.

30 Oct
After worship this morning, I was Stillwater-bound.  My small group of ninth graders at Trinity were being confirmed and I was to be a part of it as their leader.  I stepped in to be the small group leader to four ladies in their last year of confirmation and it was only in those eight months that we meant on Wednesday nights.  They are gifted, amazing, and super polite gals.  It was fun to see them again and play a part in this affirmation of baptism.
One of my small group gals, Emma, was chosen to share her faith statement.  Yup.  I teared up.
One of the best parts of attending the service was to catch up the staff members with whom I worked for two and a half years.  Pastor Dan – the senior pastor – is ever the kind man with so many words of wisdom; it comforted me to speak with him oh-so-briefly about first call as he compared it to his in southwest Minnesota.  Musician Phil always greets me with a hug.  Youth guy, Cory, sat next to me and we cracked jokes the whole way through; I caught up with his very pregnant wife and stood in the parking lot talking about church, life, and cakepops. 
The years I spent at Trinity were invaluable to my journey in ministry.  It’s fun to return, see friends, and think about the person I was and how I’ve grown since then.  It’s one of my church homes and today, it was fun to go home even if ever so briefly.

pumpkins & pesto.

30 Oct
Paige, jD, and Lauren came over to the parsonage for the first time since the first night I moved in.  It was a chance for them to see the house without a first floor filled with boxes and to meet Miss Mabel.  Paige came over early so we could take a short trip down to Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch.  I love pumpkin patch farms and the romanticism of the red wagons, white picket fences, and decorated barns.

jD wrestled Mabel [I’m uncertain there was a clear victor], we learned the ninja game, and there was much laughter.  We watched a couple episodes of Modern Family, ate pie, and did interior decorating counsel for Lindsay’s bedroom.  Unfortunately, it was a church night so the night ended all too soon.  Many of us still had sermons to complete … ugh.

29 Oct
I had mentioned briefly before that I was caught up in a new website for ROG.  I was finding the former website format to be incredibly difficult to update and use; it was a confusing program.  Away with that, I said.  The fact that the website was hard to update and edit [an out-of-date website is the worst] and the fact that the church was paying a fair bit of money for the site led me to the user-friendly [and free] WordPress option.
And viola.   A new church website.  You are welcome to check it up, keep tabs on the pastor, and read the blog that is a part of it.  It’s a blog that I hope to update with cool stories, holy moments, and guest bloggers.  It’s a work in progress.  Let me know what you think.

creative juices.

28 Oct
mmm.  juice.
I’ve been intentional to return to the crafting I love so much – the crafting I need to do to remain sane.  Attempting to be creative is one of my passions and what’s a passion if it’s not indulged?
I made a yarn wreath for the front door.  [I’ve decided I’m a wreath person.  I think I always want one on my door.  Hence, this pinterest board.]

I had a cake in the freezer now for a few weeks and decided it was time to make a batch of cakepops.  I’m due to send a few packages out; the cakepops will be included.  [I think I was cakepopped out after this summer but it was fun to return.  Have I told you that I have a thanksgiving turkey cakepop order coming up, in addition to a wedding cakepop event for next June?  Holy balls.]

I’m finally beginning to put together the quilt I wanted to finish in the month of July.  I’ve gotten to the unfortunate point when I just want to finish it to move onto the next project; perfection goes out the window.

I need to finish that quilt – or at least get to a proper pausing point – because I have a baby quilt up next!  I bought green and pale yellow fabric yesterday and hope to get it done in a couple weeks.  It’s going to be all sorts of circles.


28 Oct

Change is good.  I think I may grow a mustache. 

[obscure Princess Diaries II quote]
It’s how I feel.  My brain and my being need change.
Facing resistance to changing a few things in the church, I’ll change my blog.
That’s not entirely true.  I have encountered those people who say, “I don’t like change!” but I’ve also encountered those who are supportive of it.  As Linda, one of the synod ministers in SE MN would say, “I don’t want to go to the bathroom outside again.  Change is good.”
I attended a conference pastor’s meeting last week and the program was on brain research.  Our brains need change in order to function at their potential.  When I stand in worship and lead the same confession and forgiveness each week, my brain screams for me.  I need to break routine.
And so, come Advent, changes will be made.  Perhaps small and slight at first but they will be changes still.  Until then, my brain needed a little blog change too.  It’s simple and not cluttered.  The background may change with my mood [a emotion indicator a la mood rings?] and other things may go or come back. For now, it’s something new and I’m taking a liking to it.
[Blogger makes it easy though.  If you are opposed to said layout change, simply click on the far left of the top bar where it says “magazine.”  From there, you can choose to view the blog in classic view, flip car – another favorite – or in other manners.  Experiment with as little or as much change as you desire.  If only change in worship could be so catering.]


27 Oct
There have been moments this week when hope has been sparse.  Moments when I’ve wondered what in world I can do or say.  Moments when hope was kinda sorta missing.  
I’m happy to report my hope has been restored and for that I thank the older women who you pin to hate change when really they’re some of the most progressive in the congregation.  Proof that stereotypes cannot be trusted.  The older women who sit in the same pews every Sunday and in the same order are the ones open to a different confession and forgiveness in worship and might even – dare I say? – be on board for a new hymnal down the road.  
My hope is restored when Mabel returns home after tearing across the now empty cornfield after a deer.  [She went crazy!]  My hope is restored when I meet with my first call colleague group and think to myself, “I’m glad I’m here.  And I’m glad I’m not alone.”  My hope is restored when Karen and I go to lunch and she shares with me the promise of reformation.  [Not the Martin Luther kind.]
A place without hope is the time when I drive in tears, call friends frantically to explode with words, and sit in sweatpants and drink wine.  [The last of which can easily and happily be done with hope as well.]  It’s not the best place.  I’m glad to have found hope again.  [Not that it was ever gone; I simply failed to see it.]

dawn and mr.darcy.

24 Oct
The corn in my backyard was harvested yesterday evening.  With the corn gone, my morning view has improved.  I woke up to this scene this morning:

Which couldn’t help but remind me of this scene from Pride & Prejudice.  I kept waiting for my Mr.Darcy to walk across the field towards me.  [No luck.]  As gal pal, Sara, commented on my facebook post about the photo [profanity warning]: … did your secret love interest’s bitchy aunt just come and try to forbid you from accepting a marriage proposal?  Is that why you were up that early and wandering through a foggy field?  [if you know the movie as well as Sara and I – or really just at all – that should make perfect sense]

super fun.

22 Oct
Forgetting the sermon, the newspaper column, and care center service that looms in my Sunday, I had a super amount of fun today.  
Miss Sarah from St.Paul came to visit Paige, Lauren, jD and I.  We had lunch in Owatonna, caught up on everything, and then played ridiculous games at the beautiful people Starbucks.  A little teapot homonym action and some Spot It!
Super fun.
Krissy texted me this photo of her baby, Gavin.

He’s a gnome.  
Super fun.  [and super cute.]
I arrived home and the sermon flowed better than I could have hoped.
Super … convenient?
I baked an apple cheesecake dessert for my cottage meeting that is hosted at the parsonage tomorrow.
Super tasty.  [or so I hope.]
Now I’m finishing up the sermon, tidying up the kitchen, and will be heading to bed for an early morning.
Super sleepy.  [goodnight.]
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