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I went back.

28 Oct

The estate sale.  It called to me.

I went back on Saturday when everything was 50% off and I discovered a few more goodies.



Aren’t these little tin plates a joy?  I shall name them Sally Jane and Howard.  They live in the guest room and will welcome you when you come to visit.  [$1/each]



Funky bowl [$1.50] and old school wooden blocks [$4].  They also live in the guest room.  Come play with blocks at my house.

I also bought a piggy bank, a couple frames, metal cookie cutters, and some flat sheets for the quilters at church.  Estate sales are the best.

Oh.  And ps.  Here is the green typing table making a home in my craft room.  Functional, cheap and green.  All my favorites.


Aww, shucks.

27 Oct


Are you ready to die of sweetness?

I received the largest, most beautiful bouquet of flowers I’ve ever received in my life today.

They were delivered to me, stem by stem, by the kids of Red Oak Grove during the children’s sermon.

When I called the kids forward for the children’s sermon, they walked down the aisle with their hands behind their back.  As each presented their stem of flowers to me, they said thank you to me.

Are you melting?  Because I did.  I’m a puddle just thinking about it.  It was hands down, seriously the best.

It was then announced that coffee hour would be in my honor because of pastor appreciation month and they showered me with cards and kind words.  Aww, shucks.   It’s not necessary but it certainly is nice to know one is appreciated.  So super sweet.  Thanks, Groovy Grovers.*

* Did I tell you? I heard a rumor that the people of Red Oak Grove used to be referred to as the Groovy Grovers.  We’re bringing it back.  Okay.  I’m bringing it back.  Still looking to get others on board.

Friday favorites –

25 Oct

– from my iphone camera.  It’s a selfish FF – all about me.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Estate sales are my favorite.  I’ve only been to a handful but think I should make it a point to find them more often.  I saw a sign in Austin for a sale on Thursday afternoon and dutifully followed it.  I spent $11 and came home with some goodies.


The way making homemade chicken stock makes the house smell.  A chicken carcass floating in water with veggies probably doesn’t look so great but it smells so good.  I plan on making a batch of chicken noodle soup tomorrow with the stock.


Growing hexagons.  I’ve started sewing the basted hexagons together.  It’s growing …


The quilting women are running short on quilt tops.  I volunteered to make one at some point this winter.  This is the fabric they sent home with me … err, wish me luck?


In addition to –

  • Returning to the Blooming Prairie elementary school to volunteer on Fridays.  Today was my first day back.  What fun to meet a whole new crew of first graders!
  • Drinking wine with church ladies last night.  They invited me over for pastor appreciation month.  Fun.  [Have you appreciated your pastor?]
  • Having nothing on my calendar for tomorrow.  [Except perhaps returning to the estate sale.  All is half off tomorrow … ]
  • The third book of the Divergent series is out!  My nose has been in the book [on my kindle] since then!
  • I’m writing this on my treadmill desk.  Laugh all you want but I like it.

How about a quote again?

The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt.  [Sylvia Plath]

Happy weekending!

Jewelry advice from a Dorothy.

22 Oct

I quilted with the ladies yesterday morning at church.  I tied quilts for much of the morning with them.  Here’s a story:

I was tying next to Dorothy.  [I figure her identity is still protected because, well, there are many Dorothy’s.]  Now, first, you need to know that I’ve taken to wearing a very large ring on my index finger of my left hand.  I receive many compliments on it when I wear it but – truth be told – it’s really cheap and has turned my finger a bit colored from the metal.  I feel I’m committed now; I wear the ring to cover the color.  It’s a perpetual cycle.

I was wearing this ring while quilting and Dorothy pointed to it.  Is that one ring or many? she asked.  It’s actually three, I answered.  Next, she took her hand and touched my ring finger.  You really should have a ring to wear on that finger, she said.  *wink, wink*

How I wanted to reply: [sarcasm] Really?  Attending three weddings of three friends in the last three weeks hadn’t made me think about that at all!

How I actually replied: [giggle]  Yeah

Sigh.  The Dorothy meant well.  File this under the-odd-things-people-say-to-their-pastor-that-they’d-never-say-to-oh-their-doctor.

A dresser dress-up.

21 Oct

Remember this dresser I got for free from the church auction?

It now looks like this in my guest room –

First, I glued and clamped it back together.  There were lots of pieces that needed reconnecting and reenforcing.  Next, I stripped off the icky veneer that had begun to chip and peel from the top and the sides.  Some of the veneer got tricky; I couldn’t quite get it off with a putty knife.  I read some blogs about using water and the heat of an iron but I didn’t want to ruin an iron [or buy another one for this one purpose].  Then I remembered that I had a craft heat gun from my stamping days.  Worked like a charm to heat the glue under the veneer; it came right off.

Next there was some sanding and some painting.  A few new knobs and a trip into the guest room.  The only thing I’m missing are a couple of knobs for the bottom drawer.  I’d really like to find some funky doorknobs to use …  All in all, not bad for a free piece of furniture.  I like free.

Three weddings and – thankfully – no funerals.

20 Oct

A summary of the October wedding extravaganza: three weekends, three weddings.

First, it was my seminary friend and roommate, jeanette.  She married Mr. Dan in the chapel at Luther Seminary.  The ceremony was wonderful; intimate and lovely.  I met someone that evening; she was actually in the wedding, standing up on Mr. Dan’s side.  Former Grace intern Erika and I had much to talk about; gnomes, cardigans, and all.

Next was my BFF from my years at Trinity in Stillwater.  Sara and I met while working in the CYF department there and we bonded over taking inflatable monkeys to camp.  Sara married Mr. Josh, a very tall gentleman who makes me laugh.  I officiated the ceremony which was outside at sunset.  Romantical.  Then, after the cake was served, I had an emotional breakdown.  But we won’t talk about that.

Last but not least was my college friend, Kara.  Kara married Mr. Clint who is kinda of crazy in a fun way and collects clocks.  They actually were married at the courthouse many weeks ago but invited family and friends to celebrate with dinner and a reception this past weekend.

Receiving a blessing for their marriage.

Receiving a blessing for their marriage.

Phew.  That’s a whole lot of love.  I think one of my favorite parts of my friends getting married is that I feel like I gain a new friend.  This month, I gained three.  Three stand-up guys who love my friends.  They’re all fun people and make my friends happy.  That’s lots to celebrate.

Friday favorites.

18 Oct

Better late than never, eh?  I’m taking a break from Friday night sermon writing [wahoo!] and Sherlock watching to bring you this week’s favorites.  It’s October wedding #3 tomorrow so the sermon must be written and prepared as there is a dance floor with my name on it tomorrow night.  [Adam: I hope it has your name on it too!]  Ready for favorites?

Dress your tech [aka your computer or tablet] with these pretty backgrounds.  [I chose the things are about to get really good one.  I hope so.]

I have a strange urge to make homemade applesauce.  Doesn’t that just sounds delicious?  Too bad I don’t want to core and peel that many apples.  However, if I did, chances are I’d follow the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  She’s my hero, rancher husband and all.

I want to make a pouf or two.

Here are 30 renter-friendly decor ideas.

Roasted butternut squash lasagna.  Yes, please.  Butternut has become my current favorite squash.  What’s yours?

Here’s my not-favorite Friday story.  Do you know what tragic thing happened today?  Do you know?  My coffee maker died.  DIED.  Just up and quit.  The nerve.  And so I had to buy another one but in my Friday morning desperation, I tried egg coffee.  Maybe I did it wrong but I have to say I’m not sold on the idea …

And to close, a quote:

We have to choose joy and keep choosing it.
[Henri Nouwen]

Choose joy this weekend.  Laters.

A three step process.

16 Oct

Step one: Steal underpants.
Step two: ?
Step three: Profit.

Wait.  Not that one.  This one –

Step one: Get your hands on a oh-so-lovely and oh-so-in-season butternut squash.
Step two: Peel, cut into french fry-like pieces.  Place on cookie sheet, spray with non-stick spray [or drizzle in evoo if you prefer], season.  [I use pepper and a little garlic salt.]
Step three: Bake at a high temp – oh, around 425 or so.  Turn every so often.  Bake for about 25 minutes.  [That’s a guess.  I bake until they are browned and can be picked up as a solid fry without being all soggy.]

Okay.  Four steps –

Step four: Eat!

I’d forgotten about the joy of butternut squash fries until last night.  I would almost *almost* take them over a regular french fry.  You won’t even realize it’s squash you’re eating … and it’s oh so delicious.  I dip mine in ketchup like I would a regular fry.  Try it – let me know what you think!

A perfect fall day.

15 Oct

Not today.  Today is rainy and gloomy.  I shut my alarm off unknowingly in my slumber and went back to sleep this morning because it was so gray.  [Then I showered and served lutefisk at the Lutheran church in Blooming Prairie for a couple hours.  Uffda.]

But Sunday – Sunday was the perfect fall day.  There was a little chill to the morning but the sun came out to play later and stayed around for most of the day.  It was a fall festival afternoon at Red Oak Grove.  Farmer Tom pulled a crowd of us on hayracks to the woods where we had a bonfire and a nature scavenger hunt.  Fun.

The fun continued at Farmer John’s down the road.  Paige, jD, Lauren and Elliot came over and we went in search of the perfect appa.  [That’s Elliot-speak for pumpkin.]  We explored the fields, the silo slide, and then came back to the parsonage for chili and pumpkin dessert.  The perfect fall day all around.


Lauren captured this photo and I just think it’s the best. Of his own accord, Elliot grabbed both of our hands and we started walking together. For cute times a million.

photo 1 photo 2

Friday Favorites.

11 Oct

As this post is published, I’m in the Cities.  Friday will be a busy day of preparation and excitement for my friend, Sara’s, wedding!  I’m officiating and so excited and happy for her!

Alas, I’m not leaving you high and dry like I did last week [when I was at the wedding of my seminary friend, Jeanette].  Oh, no, this week I planned ahead and scheduled this post.  All for you.  You’re welcome.

Now how about some favorites –

Brene Brown is offering an ecourse with Oprah.  It’s seriously tempting; I might sign up.  Brene Brown’s books and TED talks are hugely inspirational and helpful in life.  Watch one of her TED talks here.  Plus, there is an art journaling component which is exactly what I studied when I was away on the island this summer!

As you read this, like I mentioned earlier, I’m in the cities.  Chances are I may be sitting down and eating this with the bride-to-be.  We’re having a sleepover and I promised her a pumpkin breakfast the morning of the BIG day.

These two-ingredient cheater cake pops are kind of genius.  Yes, they are.  Yes, indeed, they are.

Want some fun and funky iphone wallpaper options?  Check this out.  I currently employ the bubbles.

Will someone give me a reason to make a crepe cake?

And I think that’s all for now.  Happy weekending!

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